DAY THREE: continuing on my low carb journey…one day at a time

When I got home from my tennis lesson tonight I was so thirsty for something sweet, so I made a 10 calorie Lipton & Honey Iced Tea Packet and added some orange flavored Metamucil. It was just what I was craving and only 30 calories and 6 carbs total! Perfect!

Today was by far the hardest day for me on this diet. I made a few mistakes, but you live & you learn I guess. The first thing that screwed up my day was waking up at 1AM because of a dream and realizing I was hungry. I hadn’t felt hungry on this diet yet, so it was a huge bummer. Then, this morning, I think I had too much sugar (the banana in my smoothie, maybe?), and I was hungry by 11am again. I was over on my calories today and came in at 1573 and 112 carbs.

On a side note, I discovered a delicious way to make my iced coffee lower calorie and lower carb! I used 2 pumps Starbucks Vanilla Syrup, 2 tablespoons half and half, and 1 packet splenda. It was perfect! And now it’s only 7g carbs instead of 20g! This is great news for me because I’ve been drinking two iced coffees a day lately!

All & all today wasn’t terrible. I will eat smarter tomorrow and try to be more calorie conscious! Tomorrow morning is my first long run on low carbs (Saturday didn’t count since it was only the first day of my diet), so I’m hoping that goes well. Either way — DAY THREE: complete! Hope everyone made it through their Monday in one piece!


One thought on “DAY THREE: continuing on my low carb journey…one day at a time

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