DAY TWELVE: snack cravings — gone!

I’m going to start bragging about today with dinner. I made an amazing low carb dinner that was so filling. I made Chicken Kiev and Pan Fried Asparagus and oh my goodness were they excellent. I made the chicken a little different then the link I provided; I used parsley, minced garlic cloves, chives, pepper, and salt inside the chicken. On the outside I used 1/8 cup flaxseed meal and 1/8 cup flour. I dipped it in the flour mixture, then 1 beaten egg and 1 tbsp water, and then the breadcrumbs. The chicken ended up being 290 calories for 1/2 breast and 11 carbs. The asparagus was roughly 180 calories and 5 carbs.


This picture is missing a little asparagus that I ate before the chicken was done =)

I made a smoothie for lunch and ate eggs for breakfast. I’ve felt full the entire day and have not eaten any snacks at all! My weight went up .5 lbs today, so I decided to only weight myself every 3-4 days. I was being a bit obsessive weighing myself everyday anyway. I feel good and am still watching my carbs, so I’m okay with what the scale says for now.

I was going to play tennis with a friend and go on a trail run tonight, but it’s been storming since 4. I’m going to run some errands and then head to the gym for yet another treadmill run! I really hope the weather gets better soon! I hate the treadmill! Plan for tomorrow: 6 mi run outdoors

Total calories: 1500 // Total Carbs: 91

Have a good night everyone 😉


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