DAY FIFTEEN: are carbs even necessary for running?

Today I ran 12 slow, steady, wonderful miles. I didn’t even feel too tired afterwards. It makes me wonder if we even need an excess of carbs to run, or if it’s a sort of marketing ploy or something. I had my gatorade and ate my meal bar before the run, and I felt perfectly fine running today. It’s just making me rethink the things I’ve been told as a runner for the past year and a half. Are gels and gu’s necessary? We’ll see how things continue to go, but so far so good!

After my run, the hubby and I went to the Dekalb Farmer’s Market. I love that place!! They have got everything you can imagine in that place. Here’s a photo of what we snagged today:


We didn’t really need much stuff, but we were able to turn our fruit drawer from sad fruit drawer:Image

…into a happy fruit drawer 🙂Image


I realized today that the best way to avoid fruit juice all over the counter while slicing is to place a kitchen towel under the cutting board. Amazing!! All I had to do was throw the towel in the wash after. No counter cleaning necessary!

After I finished cutting up all the fruit, it was time for a nap with the puppy. He was happy about this, and I have to admit that I wasn’t too upset either!Image

After our short nap I went to the grocery store for a few things I couldn’t get at the Farmer’s Market. I was so, so hungry, so this was a bad, bad idea. As I stood in the check out line I literally got irritated staring at the candy and chips. I resisted, but I definitely lingered in the ice cream isle checking out things I couldn’t get… I need to make sure I eat before going grocery shopping!

For dinner I had left over No Carb Pizza and made scallops wrapped in bacon and sweet potato fries. I’ve Imageincluded links to the original recipes, but as usual will have my variations at the end of this post. I have been using Emeril’s ESSENCE Seasoning on everything latley. It adds the perfect flavor to just about everything. I even put some on our fries tonight.

My carbs were high today, but that’s because I had almost 100 again this morning for run (total carbs: 142g // total calories: 1429).. I’ll take it considering I did 12 miles today!!

Scallops Wrapped in Bacon (3 carbs — for 4 oz scallops)

  • Cook as many slices bacon as you have scallops (I had 8) on parchment paper on a baking sheet at 350 degrees F for 12 minutes. Remove from oven to cool.
  • Cover scallops in 1-2 tbsp Emeril’s ESSENCE Seasoning and cook in butter in a pan for 5-8 minutes, turning occasionally.
  • Place scallops on bacon slice, roll up, stick a toothpick in and add a tiny bit more butter if you desire (I did!)

Sweet Potato Fries (18.5g carbs — for half a potato)

  • Cut one sweet potato length wise and cut off the ends
  • Slice potato lengthwise into matchbox size slices, place in a bowl and coat with olive oil
  • Place some parchment paper on a baking sheet, spread out potatoes, and bake at 425 degrees F for 20-25 minutes.
  • Sprinkle with salt or whatever seasonings you desire

Tomorrow is a recovery run, I hope I can get my lazy butt out of bed to actually do it before it gets too hot! Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “DAY FIFTEEN: are carbs even necessary for running?

  1. You can run without carb’s. You will just need to go slow and keep your Heart Rate below 65% of max (220-age is max ruffly). That is called the fat burning zone. You can get your HR up to 65% by a fast walk. Your body will fuel itself 80% from fat, 15% carb, 5% protein at 65% HR. If your HR is at 85% then your fuel comes from 80% carb’s (glucose) 15% fat, 5% protein. You burn more calories running faster, but you will need to fuel that run by eating more calories too. Most runners use gu and other carb’s to run fast in a race.

    You mostly need to make sure your getting enough protein to build/repair your muscles from your run’s. Protein is great because it will fill up and keep you full longer then carb.

    Don’t starve yourself though, as you exercise you will build more muscle and that added muscle will burn more calories (increased metabolism).

  2. I say you can do anything w/o carbs–haha! My body (which I know is crazy different from most people’s) responds really well to fruit and veggie carb sources but none other. I get my energy from lean protein and the good fats. And I’m not a runner, but I think I remember reading something at one point that said carbs will supply your body with energy for up to a certain number of minutes after you eat….while fat can supply you with energy for a few hours. Of course I don’t remember the science behind it all–I just remember it was an argument for fat and against carbs and saying that you could run further on fat! Anyway sounds like you know what you’re doing 🙂 and I LOVE the no-carb pizza recipe. I’m going to be trying that out soon!!!!

  3. I am really, really enjoying the low carb lifestyle. I am having really great runs recently and I feel like I have more energy than ever! And the no-carb pizza is SO AWESOME, I made it for dinner again tonight in face 🙂

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