DAY SEVENTEEN: cross training

Today was cross training, aka tennis day, so I didn’t have to exercise at all until 6:30pm! Tonight I moved up to the “Advanced Beginners” class and man did they work us hard! I was sweating like crazy. After class I played for about 30 extra minutes with a friend and I was very tired by the end. I walked to and from class which gave me an extra 1.5 miles to my calorie deficit. Needless to say, I am very happy with how many calories my phone App says I burned, but I am also one super tired girl.

I finished my day with 1225 calories and 93 carbs, right on track! It wasn’t even much of a struggle to stay on par with my calories. I just had to shrink my lunch. The hubby was right again =) gotta love his brains!

Breakfast today was a Protein Pancake that filled me up like crazy (I originally got this recipe idea here — gotta give props where props are due)! I actually had trouble eating it all.


For lunch I made scrambled eggs with bacon and cheese. Dinner was Broccoli Carrot Mash and Pan-Seared Salmon. I’m not going to post my version of the Pan-Seared Salmon recipe because it wasn’t that good and was not low carb enough for me to repeat.

Tomorrow I’m going to make this snow pea recipe with some kind of main dish, probably the steak or chicken in the freezer. I’m also going to make Almond Banana Pancakes for breakfast. I’ve been contemplating about whether or not to give up so many carbs to a breakfast, but I’ve decided to just go for it. I’ll post pictures and my review of these new recipes tomorrow!

Another low carb, low sugar day has come and gone and I barely even noticed. Have I mentioned how much I love this??


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