DAY EIGHTEEN: low carb pancakes are possible?!

Oh. My. GOSH. Almond Banana Pancakes. They seriously made my day today. These little bundles of joy taste similar to banana bread but pack the protein and fat to keep you full for hours. I made a batch and ate 1/2 of them (3 small pancakes – 300 calories, 30 carbs) and was full from 7:30am til about 12pm. I even stretched out my hunger using only a cheese stick & cantaloupe til 2pm when my No Carb Pizza came out of the oven. Words cannot describe how amazing these pancakes are. You just have to try them. Trust me on this. Now. Go make them now.

Totally worth the 30 g carbs.


This is a photo of them cooking in butter (even better). I’m sure you could cook them in coconut oil as well. I, once again, will not confirm nor deny the use of 1tbsp lite syrup, but I’m sure it would taste super on them…

I ate “No Carb Pizza” for lunch (510 calories, 5 carbs) and had a cheese stick for a snack (80 calories, 0 carbs). Oh, and I snuck a cup of cantaloupe in there too! =)  I ate a big lunch since I knew I wanted to run before dinner. Of course, I went on my run late (left the house at 7) and it was still 90 degrees out. This heat is killing me. I have no idea how I will finish an evening half marathon in a few weeks, the South is just too hot for me! Actually, I know the only way I will finish it is by encouragement from other runners and the Grace of God. Seriously. I am going to pray big time before running that I make it through without an injury or without needing to walk multiple miles.

So my run was okay. I paced an 11:15 mile average over my 5 miles, which is excellent considering how hot I was and the fact that I had to walk up 3 hills because I was convinced I couldn’t make it if I ran (I was a bit on the dramatic side tonight). I think that it would have gone better if I’d brought more water, or brought money to stop and buy some. I will try to remember this for my next evening run.

I came home and guzzled down water & had an upset stomach (just a bit) from the heat I think. I didn’t end up eating the delicious snow peas I made to accompany dinner because the taste of butter and garlic was so unappetizing after my run. I instead ate a small gala apple and 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. I am right on par with my calories at 1269 and at 96 for my carbs.


We have family coming into town tomorrow and it makes me super nervous to think of how many carbs and just plain sugars I will be tempted with. I am determined to hold strong and not go out of my carb limit. I’m going to try to eat a filling breakfast and lunch so that I don’t eat too poorly at dinner. Wish me luck!! I will need it because family is a blessing (in so many ways) and a curse (when it comes to making poor eating decisions) at the same time!! They drive me crazy but I love them so much!


6 thoughts on “DAY EIGHTEEN: low carb pancakes are possible?!

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