DAY TWENTY: going out to eat low carb style

I really love my family, by blood and by marriage. They are all (mostly) super nice and loving and caring. But when it comes to being together in a group, any inkling of a healthy lifestyle disappears. Yesterday I was faced with my biggest challenge since going low sugar, low carbs:


Hard Rock Cafe, Atlanta

Surprisingly, I barely felt any desire to eat anything on this appetizer plate! I also was the only person to order a salad and the only person not to order a sugar-filled drink (I drank water). And I didn’t even feel weird about it. AND my salad tasted awesome (Steakhouse Chop Salad). The calories were too high, but I’m pretty sure the carbs were close to my limit. I also only ate about 2/3 of my salad. I was so proud of myself!

I was “scheduled” (in my brain) to get up early and run before work this morning. Needless to say, after 3 hours walking around the aquarium with a 4 and 9 year old (with seemingly endless energy) last night, I crashed when I got home and didn’t move an inch until my alarm went off at 6:45. I will get up and run tomorrow, just an easy 5-6 miles. Saturday is a shorter run (7 mi) on my training schedule, I’m assuming to prepare me for the massive 13-miler next weekend! Yay for long runs!

This morning I made Almond Banana Pancakes again, using 1 tbps Almond Butter instead of two. They were definitely much more moist, but I think I might enjoy the drier ones better for some reason? I can’t explain it!

Today is going to be another challenge.  Adam’s family is coming over tonight so we can go out to dinner and hang out. I’m going to order some kind of salad again at dinner; I just pray they have a low carb option wherever they decide to go!


6 thoughts on “DAY TWENTY: going out to eat low carb style

    • re: asterisk*photography

      Healthy grains are just another way that sugars are packaged. The only difference between a healthy grain bagel and a snickers bar is the amount of time it takes your body to break the carbs down into glucose for storage as glycogen or fat. These diets are popular because there is mounting evidence that derangements of carb metabolism are, in part, responsible for the obesity epidemic.

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