This morning was 7 good great miles running and 1 mile walking! I finished my 7 mi run before I found my way home, so I decided to walk the last mile at a leisurely pace. I did not eat extra carbs last night (I finished my day at 82 yesterday). I did not eat a Cliff Bar this morning. The only extra carbs I had were gatorade and a total of 4 Power Bar Energy Blasts when I started to feel sluggish on the run (2 @ 55:00, and 2 @ 1:15).  So it turns out, for me, extra carbs don’t really do much to help my running! I felt great during and after the run and finished strong.

I am trying to figure out my pacing for the Alien Half I’m doing in 3 weeks. It’s a night race, starting at 6:30pm in the Georgia heat, so I want to make sure I take my time (when it’s hottest) and finish strong (when the sun is setting). My plan right now is to run with the 12:00 pacer for the first 6 miles, and speed up for the last 7.1 mi. Today I tried out this “pacing” with my Garmin watch. I wanted to run the first 5 mi at 12:00 and the last two around 11:00 and got these splits:

  • 1 mi 12:26 (I always start out slower when I’m on my own)
  • 2 mi 11:08 (I tried to speed up to 12:00 and obviously went overboard)
  • 3 mi 12:34 (I tried to slow back down to 12:00 and obviously went overboard, again!)
  • 4 mi 11:30 (I tried to speed up and was much better at staying closer to 12:00)
  • 5 mi 12:25 (fail, again)
  • 6 mi 11:15 (good!)
  • 7 mi 10:56 (great!)

Overall I was pleased with this run. I obviously am terrible at pacing, but I tried, and I felt good doing it, so that’s what matters!

Last night the hubby, his brothers family, and I went to Stone Mountain for the “largest Laser Show in the world!” There were so many food temptations, including soft pretzels, dip n dots (which I pointed out only had 22 carbs in an individual size pouch, but then Adam pointed out it’s 22 carbs of pure sugar, so I dropped that idea…), popcorn, and a wall of candy at the top of the mountain in the gift shop. I am happy to say I again successfully avoided all! I ate a left over slice of No Carb Pizza before leaving for the trip, which usually keeps me pretty full for a few hours. I also had a handful of pistachios and 1/4 cup of cashews as a snack.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I finished the day out yesterday with only 82 carbs! It’s getting so easy to eat low carb, I love it! Tonight we’ll probably go out to dinner again, so I’m going to eat a filling, low carb lunch to save a little room for whatever I may find out to eat!


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