Hungry Days

Does anyone ever just have a “hungry day”? Usually my low carbohydrate diet fill me up well, even to the point that it’s hard to finish my meals. But not today! Thank goodness it is the day before a long run or I would be all kinds of upset at this appetite. I had one of these last week too and it was like nothing could fill me up. At times I even ask “how can I be hungry?” Part of it is probably mental, and more about me wanting to eat rather then actually being hungry.

It really upsets me to have days like this because I see all the progress I have been making this summer, heck, this last year, and I have flashes of it all falling away. I know this won’t happen, that I won’t become who I was again, but I still have that irrational fear. It’s so hard to fight a food addiction.

I just have to stick with it and know that I can do this. I am in charge of my healthy eating living, and I choose what to put in my body. As long as I make good choices and stay attentive, I cannot fail. I will not fail.

Sorry guys, I’m all sorts of emotional today! I seriously think that food is my number one enemy sometimes…


One thought on “Hungry Days

  1. It is hard…especially with these kind of days. I get em too. So I eat pickles (ya I know, high in sodium). Anyhow-you got this!

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