The Love of Running (and other things).

This morning I went for a run, knowing full well that this evening I will also be running with a group. This is the first time in my entire life I’ve planned on working out twice in one day. I feel at this point I have to admit my run this morning was to Starbucks, where I purchased an iced coffee and walked home drinking it blissfully…. Total side note, not important at all. I think I’m beginning to fall in love with running. I think about it her (I think my slow, delicate jogs would be considered a “her” if they were assigned a sex) multiple times a day. I look forward to getting over my awful slightly painful, super hilly start (no matter which direction, I live at the bottom of 3 hills) and just start running. Not thinking about how long I’ve been going or how far I will make it, just running. I used to hate running solo, but am actually starting to enjoy it. I’m becoming better at pacing myself, faster, and I can push myself to finish my runs almost always. I just really love to run.

While walking back from Starbucks today, I starting thinking about my love of running, and my other loves in life and I’ve decided to make this post about them.

I love my husband. He has been my best friend for almost 9 years. He began loving me as a spoiled rotten, lazy, self-serving, teenager. He loved me as I changed, as I molded myself into the person I wanted to become, the person I am closer to but am still striving to be today. He loved me while I was a freshman in college, 600 miles away, figuring out who I wanted to be in life. He loved me when I moved to Boston to go to school to be close to him. He loved me when I moved back home because I missed my family and was overwhelmed by city life. He loved me when I moved back, graduate college, and struggled to find a job for a year. He loved me when we got married and I gained weight (again). He has loved me through it all. He is the best man I know.

I love my little pooch, Calvin


Image Calvin’s First Day at Home (12-ish lbs)

who is not so little anymore…and who is a crazy, hyper active monster sometimes. I love him so much that I can even say I love him during those moments (you know, moments like when he chews the straps off my brand new tank top, because he figured out how to open a dresser drawer with no handles). Yep, even those!


Calvin 1 year old (60-ish lbs)

I love my family, both married into and born into. I love their kindness, compassion, generosity. I love them for not chastising (too much…) the hubs and I for moving to Atlanta while he’s in school. I love them for accepting my strange habits and mood swings and how I sometimes just want to have some time to myself.

I love volunteering. There is something so wonderful about giving your time for free to something you believe in. I am currently only volunteering at church, teaching Sunday School to 3 & 4 year olds. But I love to volunteer. I can’t wait to volunteer at a Children’s Hospital again like I did in Boston. Those were some of the best nights of my life. I also can’t wait until the hubs and I have children, so I can volunteer at their school or for their sports or whatever they do in life. I just love giving my time and energy.

I love reading fiction. I love how much longer books take than watching a movie, and how I get to imagine the characters and settings the way I see them. I love trying to guess the ending or what the characters motives are. I love relaxing with a good book in my hand, losing myself in their story…

I love being a wife. Sometimes I wonder if it is honestly what I was born to be. I love cleaning (even if I am a bit of a clutter bug..), cooking, baking, laundry. I love taking care of mailing out bills and buying groceries and using coupons and being thrifty. I can’t wait to be a mother and I can’t wait to stay at home with the kids instead of working. I love having dinner done for my husband when he gets home from a long day of studying.  I love being married.

And lastly (for today at least) I love my God. I would not be where I am today without Him. He has helped me through so many hard times. He brought me the man I married; the man who encourages me to always strive at becoming a better person. He has brought me to Atlanta, where running has become a part of me, where fitness and healthy eating has become my lifestyle, where I am finally taking the time and patience to better my body and not just my inner self. He has encouraged me numerous times when I thought I could not go on. HE is always there for me, always a part of me. I love how every single day my relationship changes and grows with Him. I love my God.


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