It’s just a number…right?

I have been struggling with putting my weight on blog since I started. I have always been ashamed of that number. I hadn’t even told my husband how much I weighed until a few weeks ago. It’s just not something that I, someone who weights 200+ lbs, likes to share. BUT I’ve decided it’s time. I was going to wait until the end of my weight loss journey to put actual numbers on here — but what does that matter? What does a few months, or another year matter? If everyone is going to see it anyway, what does a few months and a few more lbs matter, except for my pride?

I have been up and down on the scale my entire life. I’ve been overweight since Pre-School, Obese since High School. The lowest weight I can remember was through starvation-type dieting at the age of 16. After that it’s always been above 200 lbs.

My heaviest weight was probably June 2011. I had been fluctuating around this weight for a few years, since getting engaged actually, but decided to take action when I trained & finished a half marathon and was still 248lbs. I was mortified that I trained so hard but did not lose any weight. How could this be? How is it possible? It’s possible because I ate like crap! I feigned counting calories for a while, but then “realized” that I was working so hard I “deserved” to eat whatever I wanted, no matter how many calories. HAH! I was so wrong and didn’t even take the time to realize it until after the race had come & gone.

My husband moved to Atlanta about a month and a half before me, so I suddenly had some time where I was sitting at home watching Netflix, eating popcorn, not doing anything with myself. The hubby moved with our only car, so I had to take the subway to get anywhere. Ugh.

I hadn’t really ever stopped running after my half, just decreased my mileage to about 10 or so miles a week, so I decided to run and count my calories. Huge revelation on my part. I started losing weight immediately. In August I moved to Atlanta and as soon as we realized we wouldn’t be going to see either of our families for Thanksgiving, we signed up for the Atlanta Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon. I lost about 20 lbs between August-November. I then stopped running much and really over ate all throughout the holidays, but somehow managed to maintain my weight around 230lbs. In January, I signed up for a Zooma Half Marathon because of the awesome training program and ambassadors they had to help you through the long Saturday runs. I continued to count my calories and exercise and I lost about 10-12 lbs from January-April, when we had the race.

But this time I was determined! When those Saturday morning runs were no longer organized with Zooma, I immediately went to check out Christian Runners, and I am so glad I did! I have been running now every week since January. My pace has decreased, my mileage has increased, and I am feeling and looking better every day!

I started this blog after July 4th when my husband and I decided to try to count our carbs and sugars instead of just calories. This came after 2 months of me really not losing much weight. I was around 215 lbs and sticking there.  SO, July 7th, 2012, I weighed in at 213.6 lbs and began my low carb journey. It was sort of difficult at first, I am a super sugar addict like no other, but it is getting easier every single day. I now miss things like lattes instead of candy bars. I honestly can’t even imagine myself eating a candy bar anymore, which is a great feeling. I have steadily lost weight since July 7th, and today I am down to 201.2 lbs! So, in 5 weeks I’ve lost 12.4 lbs.

My journey is far from over, because I am far form my goal of 150 lbs. I am still obese. According to the BMI calculator, I need to get down to 191 just to be overweight. But for the first time in my life I know I can get there. I can see the finish line. I am determined. And I will succeed!


3 thoughts on “It’s just a number…right?

  1. Wow, you are amazing. Seriously. I am really inspired by you. I haaate cardio. Much more into weight lifting.
    Have you tried weight lifting? It is addictive, amazing, makes you look sexy and… AMAZING. I love it.

    Really can’t stand running. 😉

    Don’t be ashamed of that number, don’t be ashamed of how you used to look because that IS NOT YOU. I weighed almost 265lbs a year ago and now I weigh 152lbs. I tell EVERYONE my before weight, I shout it from the rooftops… because that is NOT ME, I am a woman who weighs 152lbs and who accomplished something, and YOU DID TOO!

    My partner, The Prawn, used to weigh almost 355lbs. Yep, and he has gone through the same weight loss as me. He is a little more shy about his before number, but I tell him the same thing, you can’t be! The more you share your success with the world, the more proud you are of your accomplishment, the more you can help others become healthy, and fit like you! And the more you will motivate yourself to NEVER put the weight back on and to continue on your journey!

    Keep working hard and making good choices, you are amazing.

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