Joining the Yoga Craze

Well, I did it; I finally purchased one of the million yoga Groupon’s I’ve been eyeing for a few weeks! I am so happy I made the plunge and clicked “purchase” (I’ve been coming up with excuses why I shouldn’t do yoga for months, and finally gave in)! I am going to finish out my tennis lessons for the next month and then hop on board the yoga train!

What you need to know about me is that I am super inflexible. Like, probably one of the most inflexible people you will ever meet. I can’t touch my toes, sitting or standing. I can’t stretch my arms properly behind my back. I have always been so inflexible it’s been a bit of a joke — but injury is not a joke. I want to avoid it at all costs. I don’t want any excuses that will derail my progress. So into yoga class I go!

My half marathon is in 4 days and I am so excited!! If you haven’t been reading my blog previously: it’s a night course, starting at 6:30pm. I’m a little nervous it will be in the 90’s at the start, so my game plan is to run with the 12 min/mi pacer for the first 6-7 miles, and then try to speed up after that point. I’m going to be wearing my bright green Christian Runner’s shirt, glow in the dark green nail polish, and glow in the dark green shoe laces. I’m so excited!! Bring it on Alien 13.1!!

I feel good. I feel ready. I’m going to get in a few short runs before the race, depending on the rain of course – this Georgia summer is killing my training schedule (4 mi tonight, 3 mi Thursday morning, 4 mi walk on Friday morning). I’m not going to go for a best or anything on this course, just finish it happy and without injury. So my pace will depend entirely on the weather!

On a side note – I have been so hungry lately & so tired. I don’t know what’s going on with me. I’ve been thinking about food constantly for about a week and my stomach has been grumbling all day, everyday. I thought maybe I was under eating on my calories with all the exercise I did this weekend, so I ate about 150 extra yesterday but I am still so hungry today! It doesn’t make any sense and it has been a real struggle to stay on goal with my calories and carbs. I sure hope this passes because my parents are coming for a visit this weekend and I will be uber tempted to cheat on my diet if this hunger doesn’t cease!


My No Sugar Added Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins with Peanut Butter on top – the perfect lunch (I actually had 3 but only took this picture after the first one!) 360 calories // 39 carbs


This is all I want to do lately, except without the toys/couch pillows strewn around my bed =)

One more side note — I just have a lot to say today — I am so sick of watching the scale bounce up and down all week. I literally weighed 4 lbs more yesterday then I did on Sunday. I know this is not correct, it has to be water weight or food that hasn’t been “digested” yet (I refuse to talk about poop on this blog, this will be my only mention of it), but it is so irritating to watch the scale move so much. I think I need to go back to weighing myself once a week. I’m getting a bit obsessive. Does anyone else struggle with the scale? With weighing yourself more then once a week? It makes me so irritated!


3 thoughts on “Joining the Yoga Craze

  1. Welcome to the YOGA club!! It has become my LIFE :). OK, so for the hungry/tired thing? And the up/down scale thing? Usually (not always) it is hormones (ya, that ugly word). If not that, could be your vitamin deficient. And ya, if you are full of shit (literally) that could weigh a bit..but usually only a pound or so. HA. FUN TOPICS. Cheers!

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