A long-over due post…

I feel like I haven’t written forever. It’s been a long week. My parents have been visiting from Boston so of course we were shopping, eating, and walking around everyday. I was tempted with so much awful, sugary food (i.e. frozen yogurt — I got sugar free, strawberry shortcake, french fries, onion rings, Starbucks — just to start…) and have done very well resisting!! I also walked around a lot more then usual, so my legs were tired before my half marathon last night!

Ahh, the half marathon! It went very well. The race started at 6:30pm at around 83 degrees. It was little humid by the Chattahoochee River & I had a headache. I definitely kept to my plan, running the first 6 miles at/or around a 12:00 pace. It was a struggle to stay at that speed though. I really wanted to go faster, but I knew if I wanted to finish the race strong I had to stay put! I was a little worried about the mental aspects of running my first low-carb half marathon (btw – it made no difference at all! I felt great when I finished).  At mi 6 I picked up my pace and maintained it through the rest of the race! My paces varied from 11:30-10:55 for the remaining 7 miles, and I felt goodIn fact, not just good, but like, really good; great even. I was passing tons of runners who probably started out too fast like I usually do. It felt so great! My last mile was definitely one of my quickest.

I finished the race at 2:30:33 (my official time), and even though it wasn’t under 2:30 I’m happy with it! It was my first time trying to race with (semi) negative splits. My miles were not consecutively faster, but the second half of the race was definitely faster then the first! Once I figure out how to download my Garmin watch stats I’ll post a quick summary =)

Now onto some photos. My husband decided to show me just how far I’ve come in the last 16 months with some old photos compared to my new ones last night (he is so encouraging!!):


May 2011 (first half marathon) –  250 lbs!


April 2012 – 220 ish lbs


August 2012 – 201.5 lbs

I have definitley come a long way. I know I have far to go, but 16 months, losing just under 50 lbs lost (just for a quick update, my weight is the same as last week, 201.4 lbs this morning, but with family visiting I figured that might happen, I’m sure next week with me better!), running is so much easier, my pace is so much faster…I couldn’t be happier =)


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