Pesky Little Hip Pain & a Not-So-Low-Carb-Weekend

I’m not sure what my hip pain problem is. It happens so often now, it’s starting to stress me out a little. I’m not sure if it’s my actual hip or my IT band or what. Assuming the anatomy of this drawing is correct, the pain is right over my ilium:


Anyway, the whole point to mentioning this is that it kept me from doing a recovery run yesterday after the half. Okay, it only partially kept me from running. The other parts that kept me from running were going out to breakfast, taking my parents to the airport, and having a Lost marathon on Netflix while knitting my socks! I guess a rest day isn’t too bad after running a half marathon =)

My “hip pain” was pretty bad yesterday. I felt like I was walking funny (almost like how I see super pregnant women walking), and it was very painful after sitting or laying to get up again, and also was painful going up and down stairs. Taking Aleve helped a lot and the afternoon was much better then the morning.

It feels 100x  better today. In fact, it hasn’t even hurt at all. This is usually what happens after I push myself in running longer then 6 miles. It’s like clockwork when I reach that 6 mi mark that I start getting a slight pain in my right hip. I can totally run through it, that’s not the problem. The problem is a few hours later, or even the next day. Any suggestions running friends?!

Now, onto my not-so-low-carb-weekend…

I did well. Considering my parents were here who love to eat and who love to push me to eat too much, I am happy. I avoided tons of high carb, high sugar foods. I chose lower carb, lower sugar foods consistently, ranging from sugar-free syrup in my Starbucks Iced Coffee to No Sugar Added Frozen Yogurt, but I still overate on my carbs & calories by a lot. Thursday and Friday were okay, I think I was around 150 carbs each day. Saturday was absolutely ridiculous though. I had over 250 g carbs!! This is a new high for me since July 5th. I have NEVER gone over 175 g on this diet until Saturday. I gave myself a free day as long as I didn’t go too overboard on sugar Saturday after my race. Needless to say, I am packing some serious water weight and am up by 4 lbs from Saturday morning. I know it will pass. Today is my first day back on the low carb band wagon, aiming for 100g total. I’m actually excited to eat low sugar & low carb again this week. And I’m excited to cook again! I get sick of eating out after a day or two (another thing that amazes me about the new me…)

This weeks menu includes Chicken Cordon Bleu Roll-ups (using almond meal instead of 1/2 of the bread crumbs), salad with steak, Portabella Pizza (i think I’m going to add ham and pepperoni to this also), twice baked cauliflower, salad with chicken, and Cauliflower pizza.  I will of course update when these recipes rock my kitchen!! =)


One thought on “Pesky Little Hip Pain & a Not-So-Low-Carb-Weekend

  1. Not a healthcare person but just a suggestion since you haven’t figured out the cause of your pain: a cyclist friend who had long term unexplained hip pain finally found it that it was her back that was out of whack. Get yourself checked out if the pain lasts!

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