Set Back # … who’s counting?

Yes, I am eating healthy. Yes, I am exercising. Yes, I am seeing results. Yes, I am happy with those results (most days).  And yes, I have off days.

Today was one of those days. Today I did not exercise. Today I did not eat well. Okay, to “not eat well” is incorrect, I ate too many calories, too many carbs; my choices were fine. I made a batch of flour-less chocolate chip cookies (using the Domino Sugar-Stevia mix), which I decided were not worth the 85 calories, 10 carbs each, and threw them away (after eating 3 — ick!). I was supposed to exercise after work, but I was just so darn tired.

If it wasn’t for my dog I probably wouldn’t have left the house today. I fought getting up, worked, read (napped) during my lunch break, fought waking up from that nap, worked some more, ate dinner, and then sat on the couch watching Lost on Netflix & knitting. I completely wasted this day (except for making money working).

But tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow morning I will get up at 6 am, walk the pooch, and then go for a run. Tomorrow I will eat right. Tomorrow I will get it right!


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