My first yoga class is coming up this week. I am really, really, REALLY nervous about it! Does anyone have any suggestions for me? So I seem a little less like a first-timer? Or even a little less like the inflexible, uncoordinated, overweight runner that I am? =)

Thanks in advance!


4 thoughts on “Yoga

  1. You will be fine!! and more than likely you will be hooked. I go to hot yoga at least once a week. Trust me, by no means was I flexible when I started, but after doing it for over a year the results have been amazing. Don’t be nervous! just let your instructor know you are new to yoga. They will do everything they can to help you out and make you comfortable. Good luck! 🙂

  2. I have been teaching for a while and here’s my tip: Don’t worry about it. That’s the first lesson: Don’t worry about it. You are fine just the way you are. You have some good reasons for going to class. Those are your reasons – not the stuff about how you’re going to look. Lots of people begin with those concerns – you’re not alone. The first lesson is – and it’s not easy – is to pay attention, be open to what’s going on, enjoy your breath and movement, and… don’t worry about it. Good for you. You’re doing something good for yourself. Namaste.

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