A week of “I Can”

This week was awesome, and I don’t take the word awesome lightly.

Perfect example of what I find ‘awesome’. Most of the day. 10% of the day he’s a jerk.

I have shown myself that “I can” so many times this week. That’s the number one most awesome thing that has happened to me. Here’s a recap of the rest…

I’ve had Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate PB cups calling out my name all week and I’ve only answered ONCE — that’s right, ONE small PB cup the ENTIRE WEEK. It was surely a mistake buying them, considering I think the hubby has had, like 6, but I am SO PROUD of my discipline.

I lost 1.6 lbs this week! That brings my weight down to 198.6 and I feel so motivated to lost the rest (48.6 lbs) quickly & efficiently. This was a huge milestone because in the last 3 weeks I’ve onlymanaged to lost 2 lbs, but then lost 1.6 this last week! I’ve been adding more veggies to my diet (and enjoying them immensely) and cutting out useless carbs (like honey and banana in my smoothie, I sweeten it with Splenda or Stevia now, and no more honey in my tea). I’m really happy with my results this week and am going to work harder to keep my carbs/calories at their respective limits of 100/1300 a day.

I ran 7 miles in 1:11:09!!! This is a huge accomplishment!! I have always been a slow runner, but have been trying to run a little quicker each week. This was a huge jump in my time! I think last week I ran an 11:27 pace, and this week was a 10:10 pace! And the best part is, I felt good doing it! This made my day that much sweeter =)

After my super awesome personal running best, I ran some errands including a trip Michael’s Arts & Crafts to get some yarn for my sister-in-law’s Christmas Present (yes I start Christmas shopping in September, I am THAT kind of girl), and some Halloween goodies of course (pumpkin basket). I then moseyed on over to Trader Joe’s and bought the BEST CANDY IN THE WORLD:

Delicious little bites of heaven…

Oh my GOSH this stuff is awesome. I LOVE mango and I LOVE coconut and of course I LOVE chocolate, so it is perfect for me. The hubs thought they were too sweet, but as I realize almost every day now, I have a MUCH sweeter tooth then my better half…

I’ve been lifting weight. I used to hate going to the gym and lifting, but the 30 minutes 2x a week with the husband has been nice. It’s short and sweet and leaves my muscles sore, so it must be working, right?! =)

I realized that making Cauliflower Pizza Crust thinner IS in fact better.

I stretched the crust from 9″ to about 11″. It made the crust soo much better and the pizza soo much bigger!

I then decided to take this one step further and add extra veggies to my veggie pizza crust! Yum! Best idea I’ve had all week.

Cauliflower Pizza Crust Pizza w. Spinach, Tomatoes, red onion, green peppers, pepperoni and mozzarella.

…and I think that sums up my week of awesome. Hope you have an awesome weekend!


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