I’ve been seriously slacking in all aspects of my life the last week. It’s like my brain shuts down when I have a cold (what a wuss!) and I cease to function correctly.

Last week I exercised on Monday (2 mi run), Saturday (4 mi run), and Sunday (4 mi run). And that’s it. I wasn’t happy about it, I’m still not, but I’m moving on. It’s a new week and a new chance to get my exercising right.

I’ve been spending my non-exercise nights knitting a travel blanket for my sister-in-law while watching Parenthood on Netflix (so good). My sister-in-law is always cold in the car, and therefore always blasting the heat on her poor family members who enjoy the cold (they live in New England, so it actually does get cold there…). Anyway, here are some finished pictures!

Travel car blanket with attached straps for rolling up and easy storage.


The finished product, all rolled up and ready for mailing!

My eating has been okay. I’ve been eating a little bit more junk then normal, but nothing drastic. On Friday the hubs and I decided to up our carbs, including 1 serving of whole grain a day (whether it be a bagel, English muffin, whole wheat pasta, granola, etc), 1 serving of dairy (most likely Kefir or plain greek yogurt), and the rest of my day will consist of protein, veggies, and fruits. I’m excited for the change, but also a little nervous to go off of ‘low carbs’ (I’m still staying low sugar, and will try to keep my carbohydrates under 200, which so far I’ve been very successful at). Goal is to have my sugar only come from dairy and fruits and veggies, and barely any from grains.

Most awesome looking granola EVER!

My goal is really to start eating a balanced diet. As someone who plans to run, hopefully longer distances than recently, for the rest of her life, I’d like to eat right as well. My low carb diet taught me about sugar control, and now I need to work on getting the rest of my diet in line. I need to learn to make healthy choices. If it’s after dinner and I’ve got 100 calories left in my diet, I’d like to make the choice to have some baby carrots and humus instead of 2 cookies. Currently, I’m not so good at making those hard choices. But I will get there. Just need practice.

I just know I am going to be an awful blogger for the next few months. I’m traveling for 2 weddings, 2 weeks of vacation, a visit to see my new nephew, and a week of working in the office (in chilly Boston!!) I will post hopefully at least weekly, I’m just so thankful I made it through my first complete Georgia summer and we are onto (semi) cooler weather, and that I’ve made it through the long stretch of not traveling/visiting family (April-September).

Starting weight: 248.0 (July 2011)

Weight today: 199.4 (I’m hoping adding in more carbs has added in a little water weight, and I’m not eating as poorly as this number suggests!)

Goal Weight: 150.0

To go: 49.4



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