October Goals – Hold me Accountable!

In order to hold myself accountable, I’m going to list my October Goals here, right on the web, so I can feel like a piece of #*$@ if I fail to meet them ALL =)

  • Run 75 miles
  • Actually GO to a Yoga class and not just think about it
  • Get to 190 lbs (only 40 lbs from goal, woo hoo!)
  • Eat chocolate ONLY on Mondays & Fridays (and only DARK, and only SMALL AMOUNTS)
  • Enjoy the present, and wish for things to hurry up that are actually years away (babies<3, moving into a townhouse instead of an apartment, getting a second dog), or wish for things that cannot be (seeing family and friends more often)
  • Move grocery shopping to mid-week (this may seem silly, but I’ve been trying to do it for a few months and just never actually do it…and the Farmer’s Market is the WORST on Saturday/Sunday)
  • Read at least 4 books
  • Knit my nephew a blanket for his stroller (brrr, cold Denver winters!)
  • Change my license plate to Georgia, and get my car inspected (my car may or may not be 1 year over due for an inspection…whoops)
  • Be supportive of the hubby during his last full month of classes!
  • Enjoy life and be happy

The end. Thanks for helping me reach my goals!


2 thoughts on “October Goals – Hold me Accountable!

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