A trip to Boston & a longer then expected hiatus

I have tried to post a few times in the last week and have given up before publishing, or my computer froze. It’s been a busy too weeks — I was too sick to write a coherent post the weekend before last. It was just awful, but it’s over with and I am praying I will never be that sick again! My mom came to town for work on last Monday, so thank goodness I was feeling well enough to go out to dinner with her Monday & Tuesday night.


Mom & I at Cheesecake Factory

Wednesday I got off work early and went to meet her at the airport for our flight up to Boston. My bus and train were a bit late, so I didn’t have time to get a drink before the flight. Luckily my mom was there so my flight anxiety was kept under control for the most part!

My week in Boston was so nice. It was really great catching up with friends and family, seeing a great friend get married, and experiencing my first real-life food challenge since July when we started eating low sugar. I ate fairly well — smaller portions at dinner with veggies and salad instead of fries or other starchy sides. Limiting myself to 1 slice of pizza at Bertucci’s and adding on a side salad. The sort of thing that normal people can do naturally, but that a food addict like me has to work very hard at!

I had a martini at dinner one night and ended up eating a brownie with a little ice cream before bed — big mistake! My body just cannot handle sugar like it used to. I was up in the middle of the night feeling so sick I thought I was going to puke! That taught me to never eat that kind of junk again…

Overall I did fairly well with my calories. I will weigh myself on Saturday morning after I’ve had a few days to recover…onto my running disaster!

My running has been on a hiatus for the most part. Like I said, I was too sick to do much of anything two  weekends ago, and then this past week/weekend I was in Boston. After commuting over an hour each way to/from work and going to dinners and weddings and shopping and visiting my brother and sister-in-law, I just didn’t have much time for running. I managed 2 miles on Thursday morning — my first run in an entire week — and had an average pace of 9:18. I felt really great doing it. Friday and Saturday I had literally no time to run during the hours it was light out. Sunday I ran 3 miles in the morning and felt pretty good too, considering it was at least 15 degrees colder out then I’ve ran in for months!! I think my pace was around 10:15. Monday and Tuesday I was busy working and traveling.


Thank you so much Logan Airport for having delicious martinis to combat flight anxiety =)


Terminal E had this great little restaurant with great food & drinks, I highly suggest it if you’re flying into Boston!

I was supposed to run yesterday but was exhausted from traveling and spending a sleepless night in bed with my two boys (one human, one pooch!) that can’t seem to stop moving during the night. I definitely got used to sleeping in my own bed wrapped up in a blanket burrito during my week away =)


I just love human beds so much…


I just love to snuggle…and steal all your warmth

So that brings us to today, when I was still feeling just too tired to run. My plan is to do 2-3 easy miles tomorrow at lunch, 4+ on Saturday at Christian Runners, and 4 on Sunday. After this weekend I will return to my normal training.

This is a little off subject — and granted this fellow blogger is so much more in shape then me, but it was really inspiring to read about her 50k race after 2 weeks of not running because of being sick/cracked ribs/worst nightmare for a runner! It just really awesome to read today, just what I needed! I just need to get back out there and continue on my track to becoming a Marathoner! Things are only going to get harder in November — a wedding in PA next weekend and a week long vacation to the Outer Banks over Thanksgiving are in store for me. I just need to keep running and eating well and avoid all these awful food temptations (like everything my family eats!) and I will make it out alright.

Wish me luck!!


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