Unmet Goals

My running has been really awful this month.

It’s the 31st, so it’s time I fess up the goals I did not meet!

  • Run 75 miles so far I’ve run 32.5, and after today’s run I’ll be a hearty 36.5 – traveling + sick + more travel did me no favors this month.
  • Go to a yoga class Continued to think about going to a yoga class … eventually
  • Get to 190 lbs Today I was at 194, but I’m sure after a day or two of NOT overeating (calories and carbs), actually exercising, etc., I should at least be at 193. Still not at goal, but I will be soon!
  • Eat chocolate only on Mondays & Fridayswoo hoo I completed a goal and it’s been great!!
  • Enjoy the presentI’ve been doing a fairly good job with this, I get a little side tracked when seemingly bad things happen — like my mom getting laid off at work, or I see our bank account dwindling– but I’m pretty quick to rebound to a positive state and focus on what’s happening here and now and remember what’s meant to be will be! [[This goal orginaly was created so I could stop obsessing over how much I want to be a mom. That part of the goal has definitely been met, because I just realized the hubby won’t be ready until after he’s done (or almost done) with school, and I can wait a few more years in order to preserve his sanity and happiness!]]
  • Move grocery shopping to mid-weekcheck! sort of was forced to this with traveling on the weekends, but whatever, still counts, love my extra 2 hours on the weekends
  • Read at least 4 books — I read 3.5, I was so close! to be fair, they were adult books (not like XXX, but, not twilight-and-hunger-games-type-easy) — I suggest reading Before I go to Sleep and The Art of Racing in the Rain – so good!
  • Knit my nephew a blanket — almost done, about 1 hours worth of knitting left
  • Change license plate, car inspected — I currently cannot find the title to my car so this will get done once I can locate that piece of vital information
  • Support the hubbyI’m trying! I hope I’m doing okay.
  • Be happycheck!

So….in the end, I met about half my goals. 5/11 isn’t too bad is completely awful for my first month of legit goal setting. My running has sucked this month but WILL BE BETTER next month, I’m determined. It’s something I love to do and something I am decent at, so I need to keep it up. I just forget about my love for running when it’s cold and there’s a good tv show i could catch up on….

I am going to work on my November goals and post them tomorrow or Friday. One goal is to get this awfully behaved puppy in line:

This stick isn’t too big for the fireplace, right?

Well, I’m bringing it home anyway.

Happy Halloween and have a nice Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “Unmet Goals

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  2. You should absolutely try a yoga class! I just started going before my last race and I really liked it and I honestly think it has really really helped my running. I loved it so much, I added it into my training program for my next race…good luck with your November goals!!

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