8 awful miles

Today was my first run over 6 miles in a while, like a few weeks, maybe even a few months while. My last half was in August and I took a little break to focus on diet (which didn’t happen) and run shorter distances without a race planned. Those 8 miles today sucked.

Reasons Why They Sucked

  • I wore a long sleeved shirt thinking it was cool out since this morning it was in the high 30’s. WRONG. It was 70 degrees. Thanks Atlanta, forgot what your winters are like.
  • I ran more this week then I have run in a single week since August, so I’m dead tired.
  • I had a side stitch around mile 4.
  • My stomach hurt off and on. Probably my 2 Paleo Cookies I scarfed down before the run didn’t help.
  • I got lost and took a mile long detour into who-knows-where-Atlanta

Anyway, I ran it, it’s done, time to move on! 

The good news it I am back down to 193.4 lbs, which is just about where I was after I got sick for the longest weekend of my life and lost 4 lbs in 4 days. Not fun. My goal next week on vacation at OBX is to NOT gain weight, continue running, and not pig out. I’m going to continue my Chocolate restriction and only eat dark, but maybe give my self 3 chocolate days instead of only 2 a week…

Thursday night I made some Pretzel, Hershey’s Kiss, and M&M Bites to take on the road on our Thanksgiving beach trip to the Outer Banks next week.


Please ignore my old dirty pan!

I used regular mini pretzels, special dark kisses, and dark chocolate m&m’s. Bake the pretzels and kisses on top at 200 degrees F for 3 minutes and smash on a m&m after and they’re done! They’re great! But I’m currently storing them in the freezer and tried to sneak one today and I swear I almost broke my teeth it was so hard!

Sadly, the sneaking of one of these little bites started a Chocolate Saturday, which is not supposed to be in the cards. I’m going to forfeit my Chocolate Monday because I was a bad, bad chocolate lover today. I made low-sugar oatmeal dark chocolate chip cookies (they became low sugar because I used half Splenda half sugar for the granulated and brown sugar, and I made homemade instant pudding mix instead of using store brand!) and some Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies. I will be bringing these to the beach as well. Since I made like 3 dozen cookies. Yikes!

And last but not least…CHRISTMAS IS HERE (at least in our house…and Target…and the mall…and Michael’s — it’s here just about everywhere in the shopping industry it seems). My decorating came a little early this year,  but I couldn’t help it, Rite Aid had lights on sale I was doomed from the moment I saw the flyer this week..

The hubby made fun of me for decorating too early (too early does not exist in my vocabulary when it comes to Christmas, you’re talking to a girl that usually finishes shopping by the end of October..), you just wait until I whip out my Christmas-Themed window clings and knit our stockings!



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