A short post

I took a break from running on Sunday and Monday because I was tired and the weather wasn’t the greatest and honestly I had other things to do. Yesterday I went to Stone Mountain with a friend and did a 2 mile warm up while I waited for her (9:15 min/mi), ran 2.25 miles with her (11:30-ish min/mi), and then walked 1.75 mi more to get back to the car. It was dark and cold (under 55 degrees is cold in my book!), but a good run. Stone Mountain has some nice hills on that 5 mi loop! I’ve got to take advantage of it more now that I have a year parking pass.

I’ve been prepping the house for our upcoming Thanksgiving-Week-Beach-Trip all week long. I’ve been doing 17,394 loads of laundry, vacuuming, washing endless dishes, and trying to eat all the food out of our fridge that may go bad. Calvin took advantage of all the covers and sheets being thrown on the floor pre-wash:


…You mean this isn’t my new dog bed? …what?!

My dieting hasn’t been great, but hasn’t been awful either. I’ve just been. I’ve been eating pretty healthy but eating a little too many calories each day. I’m just sticking around the 193-195 lb range. After the beach I’ve sworn to get back on track. I need to lose these last 40-ish lbs by the Spring. I want to start building up my new wardrobe and I will not let myself until I’m at my goal!

I have been sticking to my no chocolate this week as punishment for a weekend of chocolate consumption (only a little, but some each day last weekend!), so at least that’s something I’m sticking too! And my running is getting back on track!

I can’t wait for a week of relaxation and running and no work at all…all I have to do is get through the 11 hour car ride first with a husband who falls asleep the moment he gets in the passenger seat and a car-sick pooch!


OBX 2010

I’ll try to post some beach pictures next week! =)


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