Thanksgiving Vacation Week ( SPOILER: i’m a dog creep)

Definitely enjoying the Outer Banks. It’s a little chilly and windy, but on Tuesday the storms should move out and we should have the rest of our time here a in the high 50’s to low 60’s, with less then 10mph wind.


Calvin the Beach Pooch!

Turns out that Calvin loves the beach! We were nervous because he hated the Chattahoochee when we threw him in, but he loves the the ocean =)


Even though I wake my mom up at 5:20 to go pee, she still loves me!

Last night I went to bed super early (after 2.5 hours of sleep Friday night & an 11 hour drive to the Outer Banks on Saturday). Because of this, Cal woke up early crying to be left out. Super early start to my day but at least I saw the sunrise!


My mom and I went on a great sunrise walk on the beach with our dogs (who hate each other, but that story is for another time). As long as it’s not raining too hard my plan is to run tomorrow, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Have a nice week!


Faking friendship to avoid getting swept away by the sea =)


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