…and the cough continues

Just got in from my first run in 6 days. That’s right, 6 whole days without running, without really doing much at all. I’ve had this nasty cold that includes a pain-in-the-butt cough, so I’ve been listening to my fatigued body and aching chest and resting. And resting some more. And some more.

I decided that there was no way I could go an entire week this close to my race without running (race is in 6.5 weeks). So I went out. I completed my usual 4 mile loop. But it was not easy. And now I can’t stop coughing (hacking, choking on phlegm, whatever you want to call it).

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to 1) get over a chest cold or 2) run without coughing at the end of a cold?

I’m going to start focusing on my running. My eating hasn’t been TERRIBLE, but it hasn’t been good. At all. The holiday’s are fast approaching, as well as traveling to Boston to be with my friends & family for new years (and leave the studying hubby at home with our ridiculously spoiled mutt), so I’ve decided to focus on getting in all my runs first a foremost, and having a super healthy diet second (i can be semi healthy without trying much, so it’s going to have to be enough for now).

Look 'ma i'm upside down...just love me!

Look ‘ma i’m upside down…just love me!

RUNNING — My weekday runs are going to be Tuesday (4 mi), Wednesday (4 mi), and Friday (3mi). Sundays are always 3 or 4 mi. Saturday’s are as follows:

12/22 – 13 miles (there’s a free half marathon course set up in atlanta this weekend that i cannot miss, because i love running and i love free things. find it here)

12/30 – 12mi (assuming it’s now snowing or sleeting or raining in Boston…or below freezing. don’t think i can handle that anymore)

1/5 – 5 mi

1/12 – 13 mi

1/19 – 14 mi (i’m trying something new where i run farther then the race itself a few weeks before the race..here goes nothing!)

1/26 – 5 mi

2/2 – 13.1 mi at tybee island! super, super excited to see a new place and run my fasted half (goal time is 2:15, previous best is 2:29) — i know it is a big jump from my best so far but i am much faster then i used to be and feeling very confident as this training schedule shows me just how in shape i am =)

so i’ve got 6.5 weeks and a lot of miles to cover in them. and after this half, it’s time to consider marathon training….

luckily i’ve got my new, super comfy Dyad 7’s to help get me there! (sorry i can’t help but sing the praises for products that i loves) have a nice day!



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