13.1 miles later & I’ve still got Christmas Cheer!

Dearest Atlanta,

I know I’ve been saying how I miss snow a tiny bit. Just a little. A minuscule amount. And I really, really appreciate you trying to make my Christmas dreams come true by giving us under freezing temperatures. BUT KNOCK IT OFF.



*after reading a few other blogger posts I realized that our weather is not that cold relative to the rest of North America, but is COLD for Atlanta. And windy, which it NEVER IS. I have officially become a Southern wuss. I will admit it. I will also admit to being a tiny bit of a whiner this morning. Just a bit 😉

TODAY I ran 13.1 miles with RunningNerds. It was SUPER cold and SUPER early, but very fun! It’s always nice to run with new people. And it’s so awesome they put together a giant “group run” for people that registered for the Virtual Half Marathon, and even for those that did not! It was a great time and best of all a FREE 13.1 mi course mapped out through Atlanta, with bike marshals, AND with water stops!!

I am still battling this stupid cough/cold thing, so I decided to stick in the back of the pack and ended up doing run/walk intervals (for the first time ever!) with the 12 min/milers and specifically two great women, Mimi and Cherie. I had a blast getting to know them and getting a tour of the city. Atlanta’s neighborhoods are so diverse and vast. I swear, this is the never ending city.

It’s my first time running over 11 miles since August, so I was worried. I layered up with a running tights, shorts, a tank, short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, and sweatshirt. I also added on gloves and a light scarf. It was amazing how the wind could still come through all those layers and give me chills! It was a tiring but good run. Makes me feel confident for my half marathon in 5 weeks, and for my 14 mile run coming up in 3 weeks!

But oh my gosh it was SO COLD OUTSIDE THIS MORNING. Woke up to 27 degrees, real feel of 22 degrees. That just does not happen often down here in the South. It was a mental battle to get myself out the door.

BUT..none-the-less I made it to the finish in about 2:30, and I feel confident I can have a quicker finish time once my race is here, assuming that it’s not so cold at the start!

On Thursday our gifts from my parents arrived via one terrified UPS delivery man who basically dropped the package and ran from the barking dog beast who lives in our apartment.


I know, he’s terrifying, right?

I put the gifts under the tree and now we’re just awaiting the big day!


I’m not sure if you can tell from this photo, but the hubs thought I didn’t decorate enough so decided to put some of the gifts in the tree. He’s….weird.

So far this week I’ve done every single run planned and it has felt so great!! My eating has been less than stellar, which I accept, as long as I keep up my running schedule. Right now that is the most important thing. I’ve run 45 miles so far in December (not too bad consider I missed a full 6 days because of being sick), so I’ve got 5 more to meet my minimum goal. Assuming I make all my runs from now until January 1…I’ll be at over 75, my actual goal. Wish me luck! …and I’ll deal with the backlash of sugar withdraw in January when I’m back from Boston.

Last but not least, dinner last night was another American Heart Association recipe…Thai Chicken Pizza. I am not a huge fan of these flavors, but the hubs loved it! Just click the photo to get to the recipe!


Thai Chicken Pizza from AHA

I don’t think I’ll have time to post considering I have 3 church services, teaching sunday school, runs planned, working all day Monday, and going out to eat with the hubs all before noon on Christmas day… so Merry Christmas Everyone! I’ll post after the holiday


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