A snowy welcome to New England

After a delay and some coffee spillage on my sweater, we boarded our plane and it was just filled with babies.


Dark Chocolate Mocha=bad stains

I know a normal person would probably think “Oh great a plane full of stinky, crying babies”..but I was in absolute Heaven. I am baby-crazy and would have one today if the hubby wasn’t still in school. I love all of them, every crying, stinking moment. So the plane ride was a blast for me. I was such a creep smiling at all the babies and the parents trying to keep them calm. I just hope I came across as encouraging and supportive and not a total stalker lady.

After some very nauseating turbulence, we arrived at Boston Logan safe & sound. I went to the most wonderful restaurant that was a huge part of my college years called Fat Cat in Quincy. My very good friend Christine, whom is also on a weight loss mission and is super encouraging when we are together, picked me up and we met my Mom at the restaurant. We all shared some garlic-parmesan fries, buffalo & teriyaki wings, and each got a wedge salad. It was perfect, except we could have done without the fries, they were a little overkill, but necessary for proper reminiscing, especially since I am currently wheat-free (with a little cheating — like I’m pretty sure there is a little wheat in teriyaki sauce…) and couldn’t get the lobster and crab macaroni and cheese. This dish is NOT diet friendly, this restaurant is NOT diet friendly, but is AWESOME. If you ever go to Fat Cat please do yourself a favor and get this dish, it was wonderful and you need to try it!!


Buffalo & Teryaki Wings, with their house bleu cheese dressing that is to die for!

While we were eating lunch, Boston decided to great me with some snow, so of course we stopped by Starbucks for a latte to heat up this southern girl, who was (is) freezing!!


After saying goodbye to Christine, my mom and I headed to my parents house west of the city. It continued to snow through the night and we ended up with about 6-8″ at their house, which was nice, but now I’m sick of it and ready for some warmth (it’s currently 11 degrees…kill me now!!).

I ran 2 miles on the treadmill tonight. I’m still a little dehydrated from the flight (always happens I don’t know why!) and I got dizzy around mile 1.5 so decided to cut my 5 miles very short. Tomorrow is an off day and Tuesday is the big 12!! I’m not sure how or when I’m going to get this accomplished, but I will make it work out!

On a side note…It’s hard visiting my family when I don’t receive much encouragement for a healthy lifestyle. I’m not going to elaborate on this because I just don’t feel like getting into it right now…but it is so hard to stay motivated when the people you love do not support you or your goals. I’ll just say that. So I’m glad I have this blog as encouragement, and that I’m making some fitness friends at my running groups.


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