Reigning in my Frustration

Hello, 2013!

Let me first say, it is so frustrating to not have family support in your weight loss/exercise endeavors. All I have is my husband. He’s the only one who understands.

I am visiting family in New England and am overwhelmed with negative comments and uncomfortable silence when I talk about exercise or dieting. It’s driving me absolutely crazy.

I’m a runner. I’m on a weight loss mission. These two things consume most of my thoughts and a lot of time. Of course I am going to talk about it. I will succeed, despite your best attempts to thwart my progress toward healthy.

No one in my family seems to understand that I am still borderline obese. That I am getting healthy to send a positive message to my future children. That I want to live a long, healthy life. That I am happy running, eating healthy, losing weight….that this is the new me.

That I will never go back.

PS-It’s freaking freezing here. I will never move to New England unless we are forced by God’s hand. Expensive, cold, snooty, unfriendly…

On today’s agenda: 5 mi treadmill run

Have a nice New Years Day!


4 thoughts on “Reigning in my Frustration

  1. I fortunately never had to deal with negative comments from my family. Most of the understand my weight struggles. There are two types of people that live in the north. Yankee’s and D@*% Yankee’s.

    Anyways, I read a blog article just the other day that said when you go out to change your life (i.e. Fitness and diet) that you will inevitably lose some friends. I feel this apply’s to family sometimes. Though you will never lose them, they will cast you out with negative comments and feelings. The best thing you can do is prove them wrong. Good Luck.

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