Workout Shirt Reviews … a long time coming!

I’ve been meaning to post about my two most favorite workout items I acquired over the holidays, but kept forgetting! Today, PBFingers, posted a work-out-clothes-type-post…and I thought “Ah! Need to do that post!” …. so here we are =)

I really, really love reading reviews of work out gear. I’m picky and cheap, so if I’m going to spend my money on a work out shirt or a pair of capris I want them to be comfortable, flexible, and durable. I also want to support brands that I love. These two items have passed the test!

The first is the best, most comfortable, wonderful, soft (still just as soft after 5+ washes as the first day I bought it), breathable, flexible, amazing long sleeve work out shirt/pull over I’ve ever owned (and living in Boston for over 3 years I bought my fair share of long sleeve gear). It’s from GapFit and this is the link and a photo:


Climate pullover – photo from $55 – on sale for $46 RIGHT NOW!!

What you cannot tell from the website photo is how the wrist/hands fit..which is just perfect. I just don’t know how else to describe it. The thumb hole is great, but then the material has this slant to it that fits around your fingers perfectly. Hard to describe, so here’s a photo of my very-much-in-need-of-a-painting fingers in the shirt:


sleeve perfection

You can’t see well in the photo, but the shirt also has a huge front pocket with zippers to keep your stuff inside. It’s not 2 separate pockets, but one continuous one over your stomach. I love it!

What you also cannot tell from Gap’s website is how bright this shirt is (since they don’t even have any color other then black available). I saw a few of the colors in the store and was impressed. I like bright running stuff. It’s like, a ‘no one will be able to keep their eyes on the road because of this runner I see a mile off in the distance’, type o’ bright!

**I recently ran 13 miles in this shirt (w/ a tank underneath) in 32-39 degree weather, and I stayed super warm. I am so happy with this purchase!!

The second shirt of from lululemon’s website. I was at the mall with my mom outside Boston and saw their store and just knew I had to stop in it (and I wnated everything).

A group called RunningNerds was the sponsor of a practice run for my last half marathon, and the girl who began the group had on this tank and talked very highly of lululemon. I fell in love at that moment, but did not fall in love with the $64 price tag.

Lucky for me, Mom to the rescue!


No Limits Tank – photo courtesy of $64

You can go to this link to see all the awesome views. This is the most comfortable and flattering tank I’ve ever owned. It is open on the sides to breathe better, and the built in sports bra is surprisingly supportive. I won’t be running a marathon in it, but for a short 3-5 mile run I’d say it’s sufficient.

It’s so comfy and looks so nice. I highly recommend it!

Alrighty, voluntary review done, time to walk the pooch and catch up on my ABC family dramas (shhh, don’t tell anyone, totally a secret that I love ABC family!)


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