The sun returns, elliptical woes, and a few new recipes

Oh my gosh!! SUN!! I was beginning to forget what you looked like!!


It rained for 5 days straight in Atlanta this week. Calvin and I were sick of it. Actually, Cal loves getting his white coat super dirty and then jumping on the human bed. I’m the one who’s sick of washing the sheets!

Muddy Puppy

Muddy Puppy

I haven’t done the elliptical in about 6 months, but was forced on yesterday when our treadmills were occupied. And now, today, my butt hurts. I had no idea the elliptical actually worked your gluteal muscles more then running does…but I am now convinced it does! Wow! Can’t wait to get outside and run this afternoon & tomorrow!

This morning I made a new Vanilla Cherry Oatmeal Smoothie, which you can find here. It was pretty darn good if I do say so myself! I was inspired by ThatMomBlog last night and got creative in the kitchen this morning.

cherry smoothie

My food photos are a work in progress…

I also decided to go ahead and post my new favorite recipe for Pita Pizza‘s while I was at it. Yum!!

pita pizza

Healthy pizza? No way!!

One more recipe…I made the Greek Yogurt Pancakes that I got from PBFingers again, adding pumpkin pie spice and focusing on smaller size. These pancakes spread out so much when they cook, it’s hard to tell when you pour the batter, but I managed to make 8.5 (one was super small) instead of 4 this time! Progress!

Semi-success! My pancake sizing skills still have issues...

Semi-success! My pancake sizing skills still have issues…

Speaking of progress… This week I lost 0.5 lbs. I am honestly bummed. I worked a lot harder this week on my diet/exercise then I have in a long 1.5 months long time. And I only lost 0.5 lbs?! I’m just hoping next weeks weigh-in shows me a higher loss then this! I’ll be running more this week, so I think that should at least give me something…

Half Marathon is in 2 weeks, AHH!! One long run to go, 13 miles tomorrow!

And now…time to get back to work. Have a great Friday!




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