New Half Marathon PR…and it wasn’t even official!

Yesterday I ran my last long run before my upcoming Tybee Island Half in two weeks. I had doubts about finishing all 13.1 miles after a treacherous, humid, hot, incomplete run last week (ran 9.5 instead of 13). I kept telling myself on the drive over to the park “well, if you finish 12 that’s okay…if you finish 11 it’ll be enough…” etc, etc. But deep inside I knew I needed this 13.1. I knew I needed to finish to be ready for my race at Tybee Island.

My morning started out with a cranky, alarm-snoozing me. It was under freezing when I woke up and took Cal for a walk. He ran around like he was on crack while I shuffled along behind him. Freaking morning person dog.

When I got out the door 5 minutes earlier then my last-chance-to-leave-and-still-be-on-time, time, I was so excited! Then….I saw what mother nature had left for me:


I’d say this is “frost” but it was humid yesterday so I’m pretty sure it was half ice.

FROST! This crap would NOT come off my car! I spent at least 15 minutes scraping with all my might (while blasting the front and back defrost) and I left our parking lot with sore arms and 10 minutes late. Either I don’t remember what scraping frost off your car is like, or Georgia’s humidity creates some nasty hybrid frost that legit is harder to get off. Probably the first one. I’ve become a such wuss when it comes to the cold.

I made it to Christian Runners right when they were taking off. I missed the picture & prayer & forgot to sign in, but made it for the run. Good enough for me! I headed off with my gloves &  put my new Gap long sleeve shirt to the test & left my sweatshirt behind.

I started off trying to keep up with some runners who I’d perviously trailed and had done a 10-ish min/mi. Well was I in for a surprise because my first two miles were 9:28 and 9:45!  Works for me, and thanks for the speedy start fellow runners.


Running on a trail has its perks!

After the first two, I continued to slow down the entire run, but I am okay with it. I’ve realized that I get tired no matter what around mile 10. I have to encourage myself and talk to myself those last 3 miles or I’ll walk. I’m just not at a place in my running yet where negative splits are possible. Maybe they aren’t for me. I ran my fastest 13.1 miles yesterday (2:15:59) and my last mile was one of my slowest. But my slowest mile yesterday is what I once considered my fastest (11:01). I think for now I’m going to go out strong (not too strong that I can’t continue for 13), and slow it down as I need to. It’s what works for me. And since I’m the only one I’m racing with (other then the clock – those other runners will always beat me, they’re just there for encouragement and support), that’s all that matters, right?

Happy Sunday!


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