Hot Yoga…we are not friends.

This was a weekend of working my body, enjoying being outside, and giving my poor cooped up puppy some exercise!


How can I say not to that face? Every time he looks at me I just want to walk him for hours!

Since the rain ended on Friday we’ve been out on long walks everyday. We’ve both enjoyed the exercise and fresh air, Starbucks and Petco visits, but my body is telling me to give it a rest. So tomorrow…we will rest.

Last night I was invited to a Hot Yoga class in Buckhead with a friend (who happened to have a free guest pass I could use). Who could turn down a free yoga class?! So not knowing much except it would be ‘hot’ and it involved ‘yoga’…I borrowed the hubby’s p90x yoga mat, packed a towel and water bottle, and was off!

The class was 90 minutes long, but the instructor went over. I’m sure everyone else in the class was thinking ‘awesome, free extra yoga minutes!’, but my tired, aching body and overwhelmed mind was like ‘please get me out of here!’. I’m over exaggerating just a little. Let me rewind.

They are not lying when they call it HOT yoga. IT IS FREAKING HOT. It was like a sauna in there. They even had a humidifier going. It was dark. Of course it was a silent class, so I couldn’t even ask questions. I just sat on my mat not sure what to do with myself until the instructor came in.

She was like a freakin’ human pretzel. She was so amazing. She did those poses without showing any muscle flinching or anything. I was toppling over anytime I tried to grab this foot with this hand, or put all my weight on this foot, “lift your toes, trust your balance” … oh … my … gosh! What had I gotten myself into? I don’t even trust my balance when I’m standing on both feet on flat ground!


Seriously, like a freakin’ pretzel, no lie.

My muscles were already sore from my 13 miles on Saturday, so I was in pain before class even began. This morning I had aching calves, aching quads, aching shoulders & arms. Yoga made me more sore then any day lifting at the gym ever did. That’s one thing I’ll give it. It definitely worked muscles I obviously had been ignoring! I just don’t think I like combing the whole working-muscles-you’ve-never-worked-before with 105 degrees.

I pushed myself (mostly because I told my friend I’d meet her for coffee/breakfast after the MLK Day 5K race at Piedmont Park) and ran 6 more miles this morning. I was so tired I felt like giving up. But I didn’t. I had to walk a few times. I had about 10 breaks at stop lights. But I made it. And my time was 1:07 for 6.2 miles. Not too shabby!

I got my latte at Caribou Coffee (Dark Chocolate Campfire Mocha — amazing!) I had a nice hour long chat with a friend I hadn’t seen in a month. I came home and walked the dog 3 miles. And now I’m ready for bed at 6 pm!

My calves were so sore I had to foam role when I got home. And I’ll be repeating that before bed. I’m not quite sure what I was thinking running 6 miles only 2 days after my first 13 mi run in 5 months. And after my first yoga class..ever. But you live and you learn. I will certainly be trying yoga again, maybe just not hot yoga. And maybe after a shorter run next time…

12 days until my next half marathon!

Have a nice night!


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