“Paleo” Brownies & more running!


Yesterday when it was getting colder out and I wanted to skip my run, Zooma posted this on their Facebook page and I immediately had a change of heart. Thanks for keeping me encouraged, Zooma!

Only one week until the half! I’m so super excited! And we’ve decided to bring Calvin along to Tybee Island for the day, so he’s super excited too!


Doesn’t this face just scream “I’m so excited!!”
…. or not …

The only problem with this half is the distance from my house. We are too financially strained to get a hotel room, so we are going to drive the 4.5 hours that morning. I’m not really too worried about it since when I do stay in a hotel room I normally only sleep 3-4 hours because of nervousness/uncomfortable bed/brain can’t relax/etc.  I wake up multiple times the night before a race to check my alarm. Call me crazy, I know. So, waking up at 2 am the morning of my race won’t be too bad.

I’ve been attempting to change my sleeping habits by getting up at 6am (normally I get up at 7am – – ahh the joys of working from home!) the latter half of this week (finally succeeded this morning, yes!), and will be getting up at 5 am starting on Sunday, and 4am on on Wednesday & Thursday to prepare my mind/body for my 2am wake up on race morning. This way I can go to bed super early Friday night before my race and at least sleep for 7 hours (I’ll probably still wake up to check my alarm like a crazy person, but you can only prepare so much!)

My running has been going great. I’ve done all my training runs this week. 13.1 on Saturday, 6 on Monday, 3 on Wednesday, & 3.5 on Thursday. My weight loss has been at a standstill. But I’m okay. I’m not eating that bad. I’m sneaking in a few more snacks than I probably should simply because of hunger.  I’ve been letting myself get away with it, so all I can do is work to put a stop to it. Stop making impulse buys at the grocery store, as seen here:


The BEST popcorn combo I have ever had — who would have thought that cheddar and caramel would go so perfectly together?!

Stop baking treats. I may have had two of these beauties  (no flour, low carb, low sugar brownies — are you drooling yet? go ahead, click the link!) the day I made them:


“As Paleo as Brownies Can Get” Brownies!

AND, stop snacking when I’m not hungry. Yesterday I made a new version of my homemade granola bars, which can be found here. They were so awesome that I had 1 and a half (+ crumbs from the baking sheet) just because, I wasn’t even hungry and I definitely didn’t need any additional calories:


I don’t normally like to brag, but these granola bars are A-MA-ZING!

So, as you can see, I’ve been busy in the snacking-department. I have’t gained any weight since I’ve also been busy in the working-out-department, but they seem to be canceling each other out. Time to stop snacking!

Have a wonderful Friday!


“I’m too cool for the camera ” -love, Calvin


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