Weight Loss is Hard

Weight loss in hard. I had to say this a second time because it’s just too true for me right now.

I’m not simply talking about ‘losing weight’, I’m talking about the process of weight loss. Reaching your goals. Avoiding those extra calories that make your weight stagnant for another week.

Since Thanksgiving I’ve been in a rut. I gained about 4 lbs over Thanksgiving week. We were on vacation at the beach with my family, and temptation was all around. I lost it by Christmas. I went to visit my family in Boston for New Year’s, was sick for the entire week and only ran once, ate out a few times, and BAM, I gained it back again.

Life goes on.

Since returning to Atlanta I’ve struggled. A little too lenient with snack purchases at the grocery store. Free Trader Joe’s cookies. Trader Joe’s dark chocolate anything.  Popcorn on sale at Publix. I don’t even like popcorn! I’ve been shoving all this food in my mouth, regretting it a few minutes later, but it’s almost like I can’t stop. I know what I need to do to lose the weight. I know how many calories I need in a day. I know that I’m not truly hungry. So why am I having such a hard time with this?

I honestly feel like I’m off my friggin’ rocker. Like, going crazy.

I’ve been a little stressed with the hubby winding down to d-day with the first step of the boards (today! woo hoo! I get my husband back in just a few hours!), I’ve been struggling to find a balance with my family (see this post), and I’ve been working on training this Masterpiece Mutt as well. Life hasn’t been difficult, just a little all over the place.

So now here I am, 2 months later, with no weight loss to show. My next half marathon is in 4 days and I’m faster then before, healthier then before, but only 10 lbs lighter, and none too pleased about it.


…I’m feeling similar to how Calvin feels when I wake him up from a darn good nap.

I know I can change. I know I can do it. I have 45 lbs to go and I want this and need this and will accomplish this…

I just need to get my act together again.

  • What do you do to fight fake random hunger?

2 thoughts on “Weight Loss is Hard

  1. Hang in there! You can pull yourself out of the rut!

    I have a really rough time when I get the munchies. I found some “skinny” recipes for relatively healthy snacks and have tried my hand at making them. I try to keep grapes in the house too. I find them great for those days when you just feel like absentmindedly chomping on something while watching a movie or whatnot. Sometimes, I just drink a bunch of water. Or I try to tell myself that I will let myself have that treat AFTER I finish a task or two. Often, by the time that time comes, if I even still want that treat, it probably time for a real meal and I don’t have time for the treat anymore anyway!

    You have made so much progress! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. Hang in there! The one thing I have learned is that I can control my actions, I can control what I put in my mouth, but I cannot control the direction the scale goes in. Its hard not to focus on that number!

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