Getting Back in the Swing of Things is SO hard…

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday and I haven’t ran once. I actually haven’t done anything outside the house except walk the dog and go to the grocery store. I’ve got over due library books, a long list for Trader Joe’s, and an ache to move my legs but no energy/motivation/time to do so!


My motivation to get up this morning!

It’s been raining since we got back to Georgia. That’s problem #1. I’ve had big plans to go to the gym at our apartment complex, but haven’t found time to fit it in. Or just haven’t felt like it.

Time. Problem #2. Between working 8-4:30, then again 6-8 (yay for overtime!), catching up on laundry (um, yes, like 5 loads between bedding, our clothes, and dog blankets, cleaning up the house and trying to organize the piles and piles of crap we brought back from Pennsylvania (Christmas in February was not such a good idea), I haven’t had more than a 1.5 hour chunk of time, which is barely enough to make and eat dinner, let alone work out and shower too!

Problem #3Motivation. I swear, every time I go away and overeat, it’s so hard to get back into my normal routine. It doesn’t help we’re going away on a long weekend trip to the mountains starting Friday, so I sort of think “why be super strict with your calorie intake if you’re just going to screw it up this weekend”? BAD, I know…but in this chubby little brain of mine I think it’s not worth the effort to lose 0.5 lbs by eating well for 4 days and then just screwing it up again this weekend!


“I just got this bed back, and I’m certainly not ready to share it with you.” –Calvin

The last problem (#4) is sleep (or lack thereof). Being away from home makes it hard enough to sleep, but doing so in a loud house with an uncomfortable bed is even worse. Add in a packed schedule for the 5 days you’re away and a 12 hour car ride home (consisting of rain, sleet, snow, stress, and a 2pm departure time) and you’re lacking. I slept about 4 hours Sunday night, 6.5 hours Monday night, and 7.5 hours last night. I’m slowly catching up. But it’s been tough. And I’ve just been so tired.


Obviously the tired bug has been going around our family!


“I’m just so tired, mom. Life as a cute pitt mix is just so hard…” –Calvin

Now that I’ve packed a post full of complaints and excuses, I will be going to the gym on my lunch break today and running, and waking my lazy butt up tomorrow at 6am for a run. Life doesn’t stop because you’re tired, so I need to get my act together and run, run, RUN!!


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