They don’t call it “North Druid HILLS” for nothin’

Yesterday I went on my first hilly 5K run in, well, pretty much forever. I’ve been doing lots of treadmill runs, flat trail runs, hilly walks — but no hilly runs for weeks and weeks and weeks. I swear that running 3.1 hilly miles is equivalent to at least 5 on the treadmill…at least.

Half Marathon in 13 weeks.

This weeks workouts:

Sat: 7 mi trail run (flat)

Sun: off

Monday:  3 mi walk // 100 “sink ups” (see Scooby’s Tips on getting from zero to 100 pushups – he calls them counter push ups, but I do them on the sink, so I renamed them sink ups!)

Tuesday: off (felt lazy..then, when I didn’t work out, I felt even worse about myself!)

Wednesday: 3 mi run (flat / with a friend)

Thursday: 3 mi walk + 3 mi run (hills) // 100 sink ups

OK, I’ve been trying to finish this post for 2 days. I think I have writers block.

INSTEAD…I ask you all a question: what songs keep you going during your work outs? What songs get you pumped up? I’m in need of some new running music STAT and I’ve got an Amazon gift card burning a hole in my wallet =)

Have a great Friday!


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