The Lost Trail Run + My First Official 5K!

Yesterday I ran my first official 5K! But first, my lost trail run.

Not such a bad view for a close to home trail run!

Not such a bad view for a close to home trail run!

Today I got lost. For the first second time ever (there was this one time I ran a new route and got sort of totally lost and ended up near a highway entrance…no biggey, made it back a-ok thanks to the wonderful invention of GPS maps in cell phones). Today, though, I got lost on terrain I thought I knew! I needed to get in 6 miles and didn’t feel like running on the road, so I headed to a local mini lake to run some loops on the mostly paved trails. I was feeling brave and decided to end my run behind a hospital and finish near my house…except I didn’t end up in front of the hospital. Or near my house.

Random bridge that led up a huge hill. Walking part of it was inevitable.

Random bridge that led up a huge hill. 

The first thing that helped me realize I wasn’t behind the hospital was a bridge leading in the opposite direction, up a hill, beside a gated off road. I only know of one gated off road in the area, and this was certainly not it. I know the area pretty well so decided to give it a shot. I’d end up somewhere familiar. What did I have to lose? I became curious as where I was heading… LOTS of hills and LOTS of walking followed.

Hills +Trails = More Walking

Hills +Trails = More Walking (but pretty scenery!)

I’m an absolutely awful trail runner. I have to stare at my feet the entire time to avoid tripping. Let’s be realistic – I have to stare at my feet half of the time when I’m running on the road or a paved trail to avoid tripping. Not to mention the hubby told me about this little tiny crazy scary snake copperhead problem in the area on these exact trails last year…so now I’m watching for logs, rocks, snakes anything that could trip me. Or bite me. Or bite me, trip me, and bite me again. Because lets face it, anything can trip me.

I kept going and going up this hill and I didn’t have a clue where I was. Bravery Curiosity won and I kept on going. Eventually, I ended up at a road sign that I knew sounded familiar, and after a large loop back around to the trail and then the lake, I started heading back home. It was quite an adventure!

This little guy decided to sit on the site walk directly where my feet would have landed, if I hadn't been staring at the ground I would have ran right over him!

This little guy decided to sit on the sidewalk directly where my feet would have landed. if I hadn’t been staring at the ground I would have ran right over him!

He gave me quite a fright, my hands were very shaky when I tried to take this photo. He also scared me so I relied on zoom to take a photo. I hate snakes. Even little baby gardner snakes. Hate, hate, hate them!

Saturday I ran my first ever 5K!


I know, I know..I’m doing this running thing all out of order. I started May 2011 with a Half Marathon (over 3 hours), then a 10K in June 2011 (1:10 ish), Half Marathon November 2011 (trained for but did not compete) then a Half Marathon April 2012 (2:30), August 2012 (2:29), February 2013 (2:14) — and now my first 5K in March 2013!

I’m happy I waited until now to run a short race. It gave me the confidence I needed to work hard and get a nice time, 27:52! I can’t find the official results online, but this was my watch time so it’s the time I’m going with! I think my new goal will be to get a medal at one of these races — I’m not too far off. Third place in my age group was only 26 something, I can totally get to that!

It is hard but rewarding to work hard. I really like long distance running because it’s not hard work. Normally, I’m a fan of an easy pace — I like long runs because I can just veg out and run and when I get done I get done.  I feel like shorter, quicker races are just a whole different mind set. You need to concentrate on your time and your stride and your breathing. It was really something. I think I’d be hooked on 5K’s if I wasn’t so darn poor! =)

I feel like I’m really getting back into my running routine. I’ve had two great outdoor runs this weekend and a few more last week — I’m ready to truly start this half marathon training! June 8th is coming up quick!


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