first speed work + a city i love

Yesterday was my first time doing speed work and it totally kicked MY BUTT!

..but first, have I ever told ya’ll how much I love the city I live in?


Midtown Skyline from

I’ve visited quite a few cities since I was a teenager, but none of them feel as right as Atlanta. It just feels like home. I love the weather. I love the people. I love the numbers of runners. I love the number of dogs. I love the fact that there are 3 different downtowns. I love that in between those downtowns, and surrounding them, there are houses intermixed with apartment complexes and parks. I love how green it is. I love all the restaurants. I love, love, LOVE! all the smiling faces that pass you. It’s just such a wonderful city, and I’m in love.

Speed work last night (first ever!) sucked so bad. I kept losing count during my laps of how far I’d gone and I had to stop and drink way more then I thought I’d need to. I think this is really just because I hate hard work.


A photo of the Active Oval from

The group took place at the Active Oval in Piedmont Park. It was nice to have a group of people to run with, even if we all spread out along the oval to complete our sets (the none-crossed out work out is what I actually accomplished, the crossed out is what we were supposed to be doing!)

warm up (.5 mi – 1 m jog) .5 warm up

1×400 m (200 m jog)

1×800 m (200 m jog) 1×600 m (400 jog)

1×1200 m (200 m jog) 1×1000 m (400 jog)

1×800 m (200 m jog) 1×200 m (200 jog)

1x 400 m (200 m jog)

cool down (.5-1 mi jog) .5 mi cool down

This isn’t actually correct because the meters don’t add up to the laps I did, but you get the idea. I didn’t succeed entirely. BUT I DID get out there and try something new, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be going again next week!

Update on weight loss

This week I’ve been eating very clean and exercising lots. I’ve walked Calvin at least 3 miles each day, and ran Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The hubby talked me into giving him 4 weeks of cutting out snacks (except for fruit and veggies), eating essentially no processed foods (I gave up baking for lent and I’m a cheap skate when it comes to buying things I could make, so this wasn’t too hard) and eating the same dinner, consisting of chicken, veggies, and rice in some form (this has been the hardest part). I’ve been a huge hater this week about it, going to bed hungry, waking up hungry, never feeling full, getting sick of eating clean foods and craving sugar like a mad woman…but it’s paying off.

Today I hopped on the scale and I was 3.6 lbs less then I was on Saturday! I forgot what cutting out added sugar from your life can do for that number on the scale…

Even if the majority of that weight loss is water, it was good for me to see the number shift. I’m hoping it will give the encouragement to get through my last 48 45 lbs of weight loss to get to my goal!


All this exercise had Cal & I sleepin’ like it’s our job =)

Have a nice Thursday!


2 thoughts on “first speed work + a city i love

  1. I miss Atlanta so much. I grew up there and loved it. I married a military man so I’ve been on the move ever since. I always compare everywhere we live to Atlanta.

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