a push-up milestone & life is busy

Life has been busy. I’m helping to organize a 5K to support ChristianRunner’s and it’s taking up all my spare thoughts and a lot of my time. Well, all of my spare thoughts and time aside from running and working and being hungry all the time!

Losing weight stinks. Being hungry stinks. But you know what? Seeing the scale go down does not stink.

Currently I’m at 193.6 lbs, just a fraction of a lb away from my lowest weight I can remember since 2004. Now that feels good! I reached 193 back in November before the EVIL WINTER began and I didn’t lose weight for 3 months. It’s okay, that’s all behind me. The hubby and I are eating very bland, simple foods – think chicken or fish, brown rice, and veggies every single night – (except for using our Cheesecake Factory gift card on Easter Sunday! thanks Mom&Dad! you are even capable of ruining our diets from 918 miles away!) and are determined to lose our weight quickly so we can finally move on with our lives. Just a few more months & -43.6 lbs (maybe lose another 5 or 10 if I get to 150 and am not pleased with the results!)… then it’s maintenance time!

My weight fluctuates a lot day to day, it’s a little annoying. The scale is still going down overall which is what matters, but, how is it possible I can lose 1 lb a day for 3 days, then gain 1 lb back overnight?! It must be my varying carbs each day, my water weight fluctuating. I’m going to have to work on evening that out a little. It’s fine, but I’d rather see a consistent loss every day then have it going down and up all the time! Drives me crazy!

Running is going fine. I’m not in love with it, but I still love it…if that makes any sense at all. I had to get a new phone, so I lost all the information in my Runner’s Log App, but I think I ran about 14 miles last week. It wasn’t great, but it’s really hard to find the energy (& time!) to run whenever I kick start my low carb, clean eating again. Next week will be better, promise!

I have reached a milestone in Scooby’s Zero to 100 Pushups for  Beginners (which I definitely am). Today I completed Phase 1 (counter pushups, aka sink ups, since I do them on the kitchen sink!) and Friday I begin Phase 2 — knee push ups!  I have always been weak in my arms and I’m so excited to be able to do real push ups one day! I totally suggest this plan if you suck at push ups like I do.

Tonight is speed work again, and I can’t wait to get my butt kicked!! It’s amazing that no matter how much I hate the workout, when I feel like I worked up a good sweat and accomplished something, I’m drawn back to it.

And before I go…Calvin has got some advices for ya’ll today:


Run with sticks in your mouth hard everyday

Sprint around like a crazy dog person occasionally to burn extra calories.

Sprint around like a crazy dog person all the time occasionally to burn extra calories.


Don't forget to sleep with eat your vegetables every day! <3 Calvin

Make sure you sleep with eat your vegetables (especially carrots) every day! ❤ Calvin

Happy Wednesday & Happy Running!


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