An honest question about fruit

I’ve got an honest question for my followers — do ya’ll eat much fruit? I’ve gotten a few comments lately that my smoothies are “junk full of sugar and carbs” – or something along those lines – and I just honestly wasn’t sure if you guys don’t eat much fruit? Or if you consider fruit bad carbs? I don’t want to post things that you don’t want to read about!

Thanks in advance for your comments, and thank you in advance for not being super sassy and mean in those comments 🙂


7 thoughts on “An honest question about fruit

  1. I avoid most all fruit and definitely all fruit juices. Carbs do NOT work for me, nor for my efforts in fat loss. Fruits are so full of fructose which does nothing but spike your insulin which STOPS all fat loss efforts. Many people argue that you need “carbs” for fuel but it’s just the opposite. Your body will burn and wants to burn fat. If I need a “carb” splurge I’ll have a sweet potato or throw a very small amount of berries in my smoothie–but that’s rare. My smoothies are usually just whey, almon milk, coconut water, and ice. Boring but effective and I train twice a day (crossfit and weightlifting). Ditch the fruit!!

    Hope this helps! If you’re interested in reading my 40-day experiment in which I ate nothing but green veggies and protein (from meat, eggs, and whey only) visit my “forum” on

    • Thank you so much for your comment! I will be sure to check out your forum!

      I understands carbs are not for everyone, so maybe I’ll try to stick to posting very low or no carb recipes on here to keep the masses happy!

      • Ha! I totally understand that….my “masses” love it when I splurge and post pics of all the sinfully delicious treats. For Easter I ate SO much food and candy that I wasn’t even hungry on Monday until 9:30PM!!! Talk about carb-loading! I think I loaded up for the entire spring and summer! Good luck!

  2. As a runner who does NOT do well with carbo loading, I also do acknowledge that I need some carbs to fuel my runs. I’m just particular about when I eat my carbs and avoid certain ones (white breads, rice, etc). Fruit is a part of my daily diet. I tend to eat my servings in the morning so that I can burn them off throughout the day: Berries with my morning eggs, or an apple with some pb for a mid-morning snack, half a banana before a 5am run, etc. If I make smoothies or juices I load 90% on veggies and sweeten them with fruit… a little goes a long way! I never get bored ready about new fruits or things to pair them with, so blog away! I’m listening 🙂

  3. Fruit is nature’s candy. It does have natural sugars, but it is NATURAL, not refined. Way better for you than some of the other crap you could chose to eat when your sweet tooth calls. I say keep it up! 🙂

  4. Ditto to the comment above! Fruit IS nature’s candy and I *refuse* to believe it’s just “junk sugar and carbs” Strawberries in particular are pretty low in sugar but have all kinds of good things going for them (like fiber). Curbing a sweet craving with something like watermelon instead of something like gummy bears is always a win in my book.

    • Ohhhh gummy bears used to be the love of my life ❤ I'm almost one year gummy candy free (they should really have some kind of support club for ex-candyholics like myself…)

      Thanks for the comment, Meg!

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