thank you + an important question (at the end)

I wanted to thank you all (ya’ll? i’m having an identity crisis stemming from my 2nd year of southern living) for your comments and likes yesterday. I was overall just having a bad, bad day and was upset with the negative comments I received (and did not approve) on my posts.

I guess it comes down to the fact that this is my blog, and so I’m going to write about what I want to write about. I definitely want the folks who read my blog to enjoy the content, so that’s why I asked your opinions.

The goal of this blog was (at the beginning) and is (now and forever more!) to document my journey to healthy, and my journey maintaining healthy once I get there. For me, this doesn’t include eating no sugar. It includes eating limited sugar (and avoiding added sugar), making healthy choices, avoiding things like breads and white potatoes and other useless (in my opinion) carbs, and enjoying this lifestyle change along the way! So, that being said, I will probably still post some fruity smoothie recipes that I think are delicious and natural and healthy for me (but maybe less in number)

I really, really, really appreciate your readership, your understanding, and your skipping over my posts (or individual sections) if it’s not something that interests you! I’m going to work on increasing the quality of my posts, since I know I’ve been lacking in that department. I hope to keep on blogging and keep on working towards healthy for months and years to come!

And now — one question for all the long distance runners who follow me — what do you use to fuel yourself for a long run? Last week’s 8 mile run was such a drag, I was so fatigued and just completely beat by 6 miles. I have been trying to eat around 1200-1300 calories a day, and limiting my carbs (other than fruits). I’m trying to eat no different on Friday nights than any other day during the week (I used to eat more on Fridays to account for my long runs on Saturdays — but decided that wasn’t necessary).

Last Friday night I had a weird dinner — chicken breast and mashed cauliflower and a red pear. What might be a better option to fuel me on my long runs Saturday mornings? I want to stick to my diet but am willing to add in a carb-heavy item like brown rice or whole wheat pita bread if need be — just not too much. Also, I ate a banana about an hour before my run. thank you in advance for suggestions!

Have a Happy Thursday!


4 thoughts on “thank you + an important question (at the end)

  1. I’m struggling with the same thing. I was reading earlier today that before long runs you should fuel up about an hour before the run, and drink a pint of water 1-2 hours before the run as well. Recommended fuel: 2 slices of toast with fruit. I like to have a whole wheat tortilla with banana and peanut butter. If I don’t fuel up before the run, I’m also a dead, fatigued lady.

  2. I had no idea you were a runner….


    Seeing that you are…you need the fruit for energy.
    Energy is what you need….sugar is NOT what I need…I would run if I could…
    but I even have a hard time walking with severe arthritis.

    Go running shoes!

    Best to you.


  3. Good for you! I’m all ears, please keep posting. I’m a runner too, so I hope I can be of some help: “Carbo loading” doesn’t work for me in prep for long runs, so I opt to eat complete meals- about 4oz of a protein, lots of greens (I enjoy kale most), some of a sweet potato, and keep my water intake sonsistant throughout the week. The morning of, if I’m running anything less than 13 I will not eat before a run. You’re body will tap into what you ate the night (and usualy night before) as reserve to fuel you which is why meal planning when you know you’re running long is important. If it’s over 13, I’ll have an egg with half an apple and slice of toast. I wait about 40 min. then head out. During my run I drink Nuun… its a no sugar tablet that dissolves into your water and a great elecrolyte replacer. I also will eat Clif Blocs (3 is considered one serving for every 50 min of running). The trick with these are to eat them slightly before you feel you need them, as they will take about a mile (pending pace) to kick in. Keep in mind these are higher in sugar (Sharkies are a more natural brand) so until your body is used to them they can cause some GTI issues. Your best bet is to try these options and see what works best for your. Some of my best runner buddies eat Pop-Tarts and Swedish Fish for running fuel, but what works for them doesn’t for me. Listen to your body and journal after a run what you used, how you felt, etc. It’s been my biggest ally with marathon training over the years. Hope this helps!

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