new pants + 8 more miles on the books!

This weekend started off phenomenally when I received the 2 pairs of pants and 2 t-shirts from Gap that I ordered earlier in the week. Size 12 pants (that were not tight at all) and large shirts (that are bordering on too big! I can’t believe I’ll be wearing a medium in all shirts soon) … it’s such a great feeling to have proof that you are shrinking.


It’s okay, Mom, not everyone can be naturally thin and beautiful like me…

This dog cracks. me. up. He’s such a diva!


Ahhh, peaceful (and flat!) river runs

Today was another 8 mile run. I have been nervous about the fatigue I’ve been experiencing during my long runs the last few weekends, so decided not to push myself today. I stopped to take a few photos, even walking down to the riverbed a few times, and got some photos of my fellow “trail runners”:


There were four deer that sprinted across the path in front of me. I was all alone on this turn, so they definitely freaked me out a little! Then, once I realized I should take a photo, I started to baby talk to them, like “oh come here little deer let me take your photo I won’t hurt you…” and OF COURSE other runners came around the bend at that EXACT moment.

Around mile 4.5-5ish, I started to feel tired. I spend the next 1.5 miles trying to figure out what could be causing my fatigue. Last night I had eaten some pita bread and hummus, so I definitely had enough carb-fuel to get me through the run. My pace wasn’t too fast, either. I couldn’t figure it out.

At mile 6-ish I looped back around to our starting spot, where I got some water and ate a few Cliff Shot Blocks just to see if it would help…and who knew it…but they did! After another .5 miles or so I felt much less fatigued!! I’ve come to the conclusion I should be running with at the least water, and maybe some fuel.

A few months ago I completed a 6 mile run without needing a drink, so I just randomly decided any run around or under 6 miles wouldn’t require me to carry my own. I was mistaken. Just because I’m not feeling super thirsty doesn’t mean I should be going without water. This may be more ‘mental fatigue’ than anything, but I’m going to listen to my body and start to carry fluids again. It isn’t really a big deal to just bring along my hand-held water bottle…

Boy did I feel silly!

I finished 8.25 miles and felt good. My average time was 10:33, which is not too bad considering I stopped to take photos every few miles!


Riverside Park

This week I’m going to try and run at least 2 miles every single day (thanks for the inspiration, PaceofMind)! Tomorrow morning I’m aiming for 3 on the treadmill before church. 1 day down, 6 to go — here goes nothin’!

Happy Running!


3 thoughts on “new pants + 8 more miles on the books!

  1. So excited to hear how your week goes and what you think of getting something in everyday even it’s lower mileage. Great sounding start to your seven days, congrats on logging a great run. What kind of dog do you have? BEAUTIFUL! and super cute 🙂

    • I will keep you updated on my week! Thanks for lovin’ on my pooch!! we’re not sure what he is. The organization we got him from found him and his brothers and sisters without a mom at 3 days old! He’s crazy hyper around strangers but very snugly with my husband and I 🙂 we hope to get him tested soon to figure out what he is!

  2. The deer moment you described… I had that same thing happen to me a few years ago when I was running in Belgium… totally freaked me out. A few days after the deer incident I herd of wild boar crossed back and forth on the path. I heard them snorting then sprinting through the grass. I thought they were chasing me. I don’t I’ve ever run so fast in my life!!! Lucky for you, you managed to get a good photo 🙂 Nature really is wonderful!

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