yoga owns me + day 7 complete!

The pollen count is horrific here in Atlanta and I’ve got the photos to prove it (I’ve become obsessed with the Instaframe App, I apologize for the super corny photos with words):Image


pollen covered flip flops, my favorite (not!)

Last night I finally used my yoga Groupon (I’ve only had it since October or sometime around then) … and I got owned! Holy cow, did y’all (I learned how to spelll ya’ll yesterday!) know that yoga is freakin’ hard?!

My shoulders and back are super sore this morning, and I didn’t even do half of the poses or reps or whatever you want to call them. I mean, I knew I was weak…but I thought those sink-ups were getting me somewhere! …Apparently not anywhere with yoga!

That being said, I will be returning for 9 more visits until my Groupon runs out sometime in May, and then buying a new Groupon elsewhere. Yoga kicks my butt so hard, it’s like I can not, not stop going (too many double negatives? Just enough?).

This morning I completed my 7 Days of Straight Runnin’! Here’s a recap of my week:

Saturday 8.2 miles (10:33 avg pace)

Sunday 2.2 miles (11:22 avg pace) *C

Monday 2.2 miles (11:22 avg pace) *C

Tuesday 3 miles (12:20 avg pace) *T

Wednesday 2 miles (10:37 avg pace) *T

Thursday 3 miles (12:05 avg pace) *T

Friday 2.5 miles (12:00 avg pace) *C

TOTAL MILES23.1 miles

*C = outside with the pooch // *T = treadmill run

All of my runs outside were with Calvin, with the exception of Saturday. If I’m doing under 3 miles it’s too hard not to bring him! He’s so cute and I just love to give him exercise. Except for the whole squirrel chasing, that makes me want to lock him up and never take him out again not take him running.


Instead of letting me take a nice photo, he decided to squirrel watch at the red light.

All-in-all, the 7 Days of Straight Runnin’ Challenge went really well! I only felt sore twice. I only didn’t want to run twice (no correlation to the soreness, though). I pushed through and I feel so great! So great, in fact, that I’ve decided to keep this up for at least another 7 days! I urge you guys to give it a try if you’re in a running slump! Thanks PaceofMind for the idea!

I’ll do 7 more days and see how I feel. I think, for me, this is the best way to get back into my running groove. Before giving myself this challenge, I was having a hard time making my weekday runs actually happen. Saturday runs are never an issue (thank you ChristianRunners Atlanta!). Walking the dog for miles and miles is never an issue. But for some reason, those weekday runs slip through the cracks a lot of the time…

Eventually, if this continues to work out so well, I’d like to run 2-3 miles on my short run “rest days” with Calvin (2-3x a week),  4-5 miles on the “regular run days” (2-3x week), and then my long run on Saturday. Anyway, just thinking out loud here…we shall see!

Onto weight loss. This week was a bummer. I burnt (burned? not sure) a lot of extra calories and ate like a peach (pun intended, Georgia)…but the scale went up 0.4 lbs. I’m not really sure what happened. I’m hoping it’s a fluke and water weight or something, and that next week I’ll magically drop like 3-4 lbs, but I’m not going to count on it.

As long as I know I’m working hard and doing what I can do to lose this weight (sans the occasional chocolate on Monday and Friday…), and my clothes are fitting better, then I’m happy I can try and be happy with myself. Weight loss is hard and I’m not going to ever deny that.

Have a nice Friday! So excited for my 10-miler tomorrow. I will be sure to recap this weekend!


7 thoughts on “yoga owns me + day 7 complete!

  1. check out the slow carb diet from 4hr body. Everyone who goes on it loses weight. It is hard for me to get over the initial carb/sugar cravings. But once you see results, it get’s a lot easier! Nice blog, love your honest tone, well done on 7 days straight, that is more than I managed this week!

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