A long, emotionally draining week.

All of this seemingly random death and injury is so hard to accept. First, the bombings at the Boston Marathon. Now, an explosion at a Texas plant. It just doesn’t make sense. The US has had a hard week. Let’s hope the rest of it is quiet. I’m praying for everyone affected by these tragedies.

I’m on Day 13 of 14 Days of Straight Runnin’and I’m tired. I’m not sure if it’s because of physically being tired from running everyday, or if it’s partly from the emotional stress of this week. My sleep has been suffering from a racing mind, my emotions have been all over the place because I’m just not losing weight. I’m going to run straight through Sunday (my long run this week) and then probably, maybe, most likely, I think, take Monday off. I’ll try. It’s almost become an a personal challenge to see how long I can keep up this running everyday thing! We’ll see how my energy levels are during (and especially after) my 11-miler this weekend!


Like, puppy tired, or like, tired, tired?

For the last few weeks my clothes have been getting looser and my eating has been pretty good, but the number on the scale is just not going down. It is so frustrating. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m going to play with my carb/sugar intake the next few days and see what happens to the scale. I guess it’s possible I just was unintentionally eating lower carb a few weeks ago when my weight shot down?

The other options I’m considering for my stagnant weight (when my body is so very obviously changing): new birth control pill (i’m also breaking out and craving sugar more, too), something to do with running more miles (this one gets a big, fat question mark though – i’m not going to even act like i know how this could possibly be effecting it), gaining muscle (pretty sure this is impossible to notice when it does happen, unless you’re already at a normal weight and not trying to cut) — who knows, we’ll see what happens next week. Once again, all I can do is keep trying.

This week has reminded me to always keep living, despite whatever internal struggles you’ve got going on


6 thoughts on “A long, emotionally draining week.

  1. A good way to know you’re gaining muscle and losing fat is with your clothes being loose. It’s never easy – and it’s harder to notice change when you look at your self in the mirror every day or at that silly number on the scale.

    I like your running ‘streak’ and have been following along to see how you do! Keep up the good work!!

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