The shortest of runs (Day 13) and more rambling thoughts of an ex-Bostonian

This morning I only completed a 1.5 mi run with the pooch, and I’m okay with that. Waking up at 6, I had time to work on the ChristianRunners Atlanta Upcoming Races post (if you live in ATL check it out! Lots of great upcoming races are posted bi-weekly by none other them ME!) , but I also had time to hear about what is going on in Boston, reflect, try to figure out if I had to work (if y’all don’t know, I still work for a Boston company from home, here in ATL). It’s been a hectic morning, and currently I’m “working”, but absolutely no calls are coming in, and I’m not going to be THAT person that makes business-related calls while something like this is going on, so that means it’s blogging time!


I still can’t believe this stuff is happening in a city I called home less than 2 years ago. In an area where my sister & her boyfriend, my brother-in-law & sister-in-law, and all their extended family still lives. I’m trying to follow as best I can, but I’ve got so much going through my mind. Are all my friends and extended family safe? Are my co-workers at the office? Are they safe even if they’re are home?

Why would the bombers rob a 7-11? Do they think they’re invincible? Were they giving up because they knew they’d be caught anyway? Are they crazy? Obviously they are crazy, but are they crazy, crazy? I’m so, so glad I didn’t hear about all this last night, because with all these thoughts I would never have been able to fall asleep.

But I’m also thinking, I want to run the Boston Marathon some day. I never seriously considered it, because I’m slow, and overweight, and I’d never qualify. But what if I could? What if I could work hard enough to qualify for Boston some day? Is this what thousands of other people are thinking? Are the qualifying times going to get even more tough? Did those bombers do the exact opposite of what they most likely intended to do, and actually create more love and more unity and more solidarity for the city of Boston? for runners in the US? for the entire United States? For the world?

Enough ramblings. I’ll come back to idea of Boston, heck, of a marathon at all, after this all calms down. for now, i’m praying for my old home, my friends, family, emergency responders, doctors, politicians, runners, just pretty much everyone in Boston.

– – – – – –

I took the suggestion of Brittany in my comments and measured myself again. In the last few weeks, I’ve only lost 2 lbs (according to my sparsely updated Self Magazine stats), but have lost 2″ off my hips, 1″ off my waist, and 1″ off my left thigh (the R and L are both now the same number – I feel less freaked out by this, haha). I think that’s great! So somehow I am losing inches (and therefore my clothes fitting better is NOT a mirage of hope), without losing lbs? I’ve got to start working on the lbs part, though!


Tomorrow is Day 14 of 14 Days of Straight Runnin’. I’ve pushed through, even though I’ve gotten tired at some points. I’m not sure if I’ll continue past Sunday (my long run for this week – 11 miles!), but I’ll see how I feel after that. It’s definitely been a great experiment and I’ve learned a lot about my fatigue (which is barely ever really there, mostly just me being lazy), my brain (which thinks best when running and showering — odd), and running in general (which is getting easier every day!).  No matter how often, how long, or the intensity — just run! exercise! do whatever! …just get out there and do it!

it’s always worth it.



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