Short runs + day 18 of 21 Days of Straight Runnin’

Well, I didn’t complete my long run(s) this weekend. I did run, just not nearly as far as I had planned. It was a very busy weekend with little time and little energy to spare!

Saturday I woke up super early (4:30AM!) to volunteer at the Big Squeeze 5K. It was a really well organized, fun race to volunteer for. I got some sweet left over swag (free stuffits for your shoes, dove deodorant samples), dominos pizza, gatorade, lemonade, some gluten-free muffin samples (which were amazing!), a volunteer shirt and a free race shirt! And since there was a family fair following the race, of course I came home with kettle corn!

After being on my feet for about 5 hours, I was in no mood for a long run. I decided to only do 4 very slow, painful miles on the treadmill and call it a night. I have never felt so exhausted during (or after) such a short run! I’m pretty sure (and hopeful) that it was just the combination of an early wake-up and 5 hours of standing (which I’m not used to).


Yesterday I ran my usual 2.2 mile route (with a little extra thrown in) with my running partner in crime, Calvin. I finally timed us and I’m glad I did! We run way faster then I thought! I normally assume we run ~12 minute mile, but we did 2.3 miles at a 10:36 pace on Sunday!  That even includes stops for bathroom breaks, and calming sessions after squirrel-freakouts.

squir·rel  /ˈskwər(ə)l/

An agile tree-dwelling rodent (Sciurus and other genera, family Sciuridae) with a bushy tail, typically feeding on nuts and seeds. Possessing the ability to turn a coonhound mix into a crazy, hunting beast in a few seconds flat. Enjoys taunting dogs on leashes, especially when they are wearing prong collars that prevent them from pulling hard. AKA JERKS.

ANYWAY, 4 miles Saturday + 2.3 on Sunday = 6.3 miles this weekend….compared to the 13 miles that I was hoping to get in. A little less then half.

This has lead me to consider the possibility of backing off my long runs and focusing on working out everyday (I’m really enjoying daily runs!), cross training (joining a local pool in May! can’t wait to re-learn how to swim!), losing the rest of my weight, perfecting my diet, and enjoying my runs. I have yet to sign up for my June Half Marathon. I’m thinking of downgrading to a 10K in June, and running my next half in November (which I’m already signed up for). I’m really enjoying my daily short runs compared to my 3-4x a week 4+ mile runs.

Something to think about!


Springtime = Playtime!

Tonight’s 2.5 mile run is going to complete Day 18 of 21 Days of Straight Runnin’ (it just keeps getting longer, I’m hooked)! I’m really, really loving my everyday runs, even the hard ones. I have not regretted one run I’ve completed. I’m up to just over 60 miles for the month of April, which is more than I have run in a month since January!!  I think THAT is some crazy stuff! All these short runs really do add up to some awesome mileage!

My knee was hurting a tiny, tiny bit when going up a steep hill on yesterday’s run, so I’ll keep an eye on it. If it hurts for more then a few days in a row I will definitely take a day off. No injuries for this girl! I’m on too great of a roll!

It’s going to be very hard to keep up my daily runs in May since I’ll be traveling 2 out of 4 weekends, but I’m going to try my hardest.

Today begins another stretch of bland (focusing on nutrition only, not flavor) eating. I’ve had another few days of mess-ups, and really, really need to get this weight off! I was hoping to be done losing my weight by June, but there is just no way that will be happening. I’m shooting for the end of the summer now.

Life. Goes. On.

Happy Monday & Happy Running!


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