A Great Start to a Weekend Away + The April Miles Blues

I’ve been falling into the Bad Blogger role again. Posts have been sparse, weight loss have been stagnant, and my mind has been elsewhere. Sorry! I’ve said it before, but I will be better.

I am still running everyday. I’m still really enjoying it. Today will mark the end of Week 4 (Day 28). Tomorrow will begin Week 5 (Day 29). I was super proud when April ended and I had ran 82 miles in the month! ….then, I felt inadequate.

I was reading another bloggers post about how she ran everyday in April, too, and how she completed over 150 miles. And I thought….what does my little 82 mile accomplishment mean? nothing! Not a freakin’ thing! I was so upset with myself, that I had let such a tiny number mean so much to me…

…but you know what? I realized on the next days’ run that it does mean something. it means a lot. It’s a distance PR for me in one month. It meant 25 days of running without one day off. It meant achieving something I had once thought impossible. It meant something. It meant a lot. It meant everything.

Running is the best sport. If you are not super fast, if you’re not overly competitive…it’s one of the only sports where you are competing with only yourself. All I want to do is beat my time PR’s and my distance PR’s. I don’t want to run the fastest marathon ever. I don’t want to run the longest distance in history. I just want to set goals for myself and beat them. I want to do what I’ve never done before. The other runners out there are just my teammates. My comrades. My coaches. My pacers. My friends. These goals may be based on what I’ve seen other people do before….but they are still my goals.They will be my accomplishments. So it doesn’t matter if another running blogger posts about her 150+ miles in a month. That is her accomplishment and I should be able to be happy for her without being disappointed in myself.

running is my sport.

and I’m getting better every single day


Yesterday I flew to Maryland for a long weekend. I’ll be traveling to Pennsylvania on Saturday for a wedding of a high school friend — and to visit my long distance best friend! I’m so excited to catch up with my family and friends, but even more excited at the prospect of running every single daywhile away. I’ve never accomplished that before.

Yesterday started off on a great foot when I got off my super-delayed flight (hour and a half of sitting on the plane at the gate and they gave us a crappy cup of coffee…thanks Delta!) arrived at my parents house, and went for a quick run. I pretty much immediately laced up my sneakers after touring their new townhouse. It was a great start to the weekend. It was a great start to the new running, traveling me!

I’ve got my trail mix, nuts, dried fruit and fiber granola bars packed. I’ve already completed one meal with a spinach salad and crab cake (photos will be added in next week!) ordered. I can do this. I can be healthy. I can continue my lifestyle changes while away.

Since the sun rises so early here (it woke me up at 6:15!!), I’m going to finishh drinking my coffee and water and head out for 4 more miles before heading to Annapolis (which I’ve never been to) for the day with my Dad!

Happy Friday! Enjoy a beautiful weekend if you live in the Maryland/PA region. I know I will!


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