Day 30 of 30 Days of Straight Runnin’ has come and gone…and I’m still going!

First things first — did anyone even see my last blog post? I posted it from my parents iPad when I was away, and it had 0 likes and 0 comments, which is abnormal. Usually at least one of y’all like it! Can you let me know in the comments if it showed up in your feed? I didn’t think it was a particularly bad post…but maybe my brain wasn’t functioning right up North!

Life is movin’ right along here. I’m currently on Day 34 of running. I managed to run every single day while I was away for the (long) weekend (5 days)– this was the first time I have ever traveled and exercised every single day! It gives me great hope for our trip at the end of May. It’s also good I did run every day, since I ate a little something like this:


Frisco’s  Salad

ImageI also walked downtown Annapolis with my Dad all day Friday, which was super fun, a great place to visit, and a great work out!


A beautiful day in Annapolis

…and then I got to come home to my trail-lovin’ pup! We’ve already been on two runs and a walk at a new park. I’m spoiling him because I feel so bad about leaving him alone with his Dad for the weekend!


I’d like to spend a minute talking about Running. It’s just become this awesome part of my life. Doing it everyday has made it a a part of me, rather then something I add onto my day. It’s my routine. It’s literally the same as brushing my teeth. I think, okay, when I do I want to fit this in today? In the morning? Run on the treadmill at my lunch break? An evening jog at dusk? Okay, okay, so brushing my teeth is a more scheduled part of my day, morning and night, but you get the point… 

I think I’ve fallen in love with running. I love doing it everyday. I can’t imagine skipping a day (I’m sure I will eventually, but for now we’ll act like I’ll do this run-everyday-thing forever). It’s my time to think, my time to listen to music or watch old TV shows (if I’m running alone or on the treadmill), and half of my days it’s my time with my baby dog (that we treat like a baby). I get to not only exercise myself but I get to give Cal some great exercise too! It’s just turning out to be the best thing I’ve ever challenged myself to do. I am so happy I did this. I am so happy I’m still going.

I encourage y’all to do this as well if you’re in a running slump! Take 20-40 minutes out of each day and just run.

Enjoy the time alone.

Enjoy the time working your muscles.

Enjoy the time to think.

You won’t regret it! =)


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