Ahhh….Another Week Long Hiatus

I’m really getting good at this awful blogger thing, aren’t I?

I finally did it! I signed up for a summer swimming pass at a local pool. I’m planning on going 3-4 days a week to swim laps. I haven’t really ever been a swimmer — but I took lessons when I was younger. I’m determined to re-teach myself how to swim. And I’m so excited to beat my summer exercise slump with a cool way to exercise!

Since I ended my running streak I’ve only ran 4 days. I’ve been slacking, I know it. Exercise, food, pretty much life in general. Today is going to start my 40 Days of Straight Runnin’ Streak – and I’m going to make it!

So just to make things clear — and to hold myself accountable — I will be running at least 1.5 miles every single day (and also doing yoga and swimming and walking), so I had better be closer to my goal weight by June 28 (which just happens to be my birthday, perfect timing!) by then. It’ll be like a little birthday present if I make it all 40 days. My IT band is rested and I have my stretches planned out…ready, set, run!


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