Eat better, feel better. So simple, so hard to follow sometimes!

First of all let me say: it’s simply amazing how you feel better when you eat better.

I’m having less headaches then I did last month and my stomach is not upset nearly as much (I’ve got a finicky stomach anyway), and I’m pretty sure it’s all because I’m eating more greens, less sugar, less carbs, and overall just a better balanced diet. Nutrition is so amazing!

I did so much traveling and gave into so many dietary exceptions during the month of May. Honestly, I’m lucky I didn’t GAIN weight. I’m not at all surprised I didn’t lose any.



I’m currently in cross training heaven! I not only joined the pool 5 minutes from my house, but realized I can buy a $20 GetFit Pass and attend all the summer classes until August!! Cardio Boot Camp, Lean Legs & Core Crusher, Upper Body Blast & Core Crusher, Yoga — just to name a few. I have never been much for cross-training. It costs too much. Scooby’s Push-Up Plan has been helping me realize how unfit I am in every single way (I’m currently on 5 sets of 8 knee pushups – Stage 2) except for running. BUT only $20 for 3 months of cross training? You bet I’m in!

After I’m done helping organize the Run Zulu 5K (1 week to go!) and we find a house to rent in August, I’ll be all set to come back to blogging again AND start my half marathon training again for November. Does anyone else struggle to find time for everything in life? Am I crazy?

For now, expect sporadic posts. And puppy pictures. Always puppy pictures!

Calvin's new BFF. They wrestle. And get slobbery. A LOT.

Calvin’s new BFF. They wrestle. And get slobbery. A LOT.

Puppy sitting is THE BEST.

Puppy sitting is THE BEST.



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