House Hunting Sucks.

The hubs and I are looking for a house to rent for the next 22-ish months of medical school, and it’s sucking the life out of me. And the time out of my days. And the workouts out of my life.

Finding a place is hard. Finding a place with babies on the brain is even harder.

We’d like to try and start a family next year, so we’re trying to find a place with a fenced in back yard (dog can roam free), family-friendly neighborhood (evening stroller walks, morning jogs), and close to the husband’s school (more time at home and less in traffic!) … but … all these things together = more then we can afford.

So I’m stumped.

And frustrated.

And sad.

And tired.


I will keep going,

and find something,

and make it work.

I trust that God will help me find the place for us.

And I know we’ll be happy.

Because we’re always happy when we’re together.


I skipped my first GetFit class yesterday because we went to look at a townhouse, so Thursday will be my first. I might even do two! HIIT + Strength & Tone. Sounds awesome, right? I’m so excited!! Best $20 I will ever spend on fitness.

This afternoon is a 2 mi run, tonight is swimming.

Ready, Set, Go!


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